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Fiscal Year 2015: Our Board


Karen Benedetti

Dorothy Binswanger

Richard Bogue

Walter Broadnax, Sr.

Dr. Walter Cohen

John Conaway*

John Connors

Steve D'Angelo

Joan Dawson-McConnon, CPA* | Treasurer

Pamela Estadt

Gordon Gary

William Harvey, Esq.

Hank Hockeimer, Esq.

Lynne Honickman | 2nd Vice Chairperson

Loree Jones

Stephen McKenna

Leigh Middleton | 3rd Vice Chairperson

Joyce Miller, CPA

Patrick O'Grady

Kathleen Owens, Ph.D.  | Chairperson

James Paterno

Pedro Ramos, Esq. | 1st Vice Chairperson

Claire Reichlin

Emily Riley

Sister Mary Scullion* | President

Susan Sherman

Almeda Smith

Charlene Taylor*

*All trustees are independent voting members except those marked with an asterisk.

Board Emeritus

Kathy Z. Anderson
Donna Boscia
Robert Downing
Frances Egan
Stephen F. Gold, Esq.
Margaret Healy, Ph.D.
Hyacinth King
Joseph Miller
Michael Rubinger
Georgianna Simmons
Gerald Strid
Riki Wagman
Lara C. Weinstein, M.D.


Board Chairs

Joseph Ferry
Stephen Gold, Esq.
Margaret Healy, Ph.D.
William Harvey, Esq.
Kathleen Owens, Ph.D.

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