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After years of advocacy and a ruling by the PA Supreme Court last September, the General Assistance program is now up and running. This is a tremendous win for low-income people in Pennsylvania, many whom have been living with no income since 2012 when the program was eliminated.

However, General Assistance is already at risk. Legislation has been introduced to eliminate General Assistance again.

Book Donations

Project HOME is starting a new initiative—an online book store!

Before you get excited, we aren’t opening a creaking old bookstore selling used Proust and old Toni Morrison novels in stack, but what we are doing is creating good paying jobs for Project HOME’s residents.

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Organizations expand and extend partnership to benefit shared community to increase affordable housing for formerly homeless individuals in recovery, specifically Project HOME’s Maguire Residence in Kensington

From the bottom to the top | Keyion Briscoe’s Journey HOME

For most incoming freshmen, the beginning of their college career is the start of a hopeful new life but for Keyion Briscoe, it was a reminder of how precarious life can be for someone with little margin for error.

After committing what he admits were “a series of dumb mistakes,” Briscoe was dismissed from the Art Institute of Charlotte and found himself effectively stranded in North Carolina with few options. The trying years to come would shape the man he is today.

The federal government is currently in the longest shutdown in the history of the United States of America. In addition to the over 800,000 federal workers harmed by the shutdown, millions of Americans who rely on federal programs for their health, safety, and wellbeing are at risk.


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“Your Story Doesn’t End Here. I Know Because Mine Didn’t.”

Rebecca Ergas is a psychotherapist in Philadelphia and a supporter of Project HOME.  She participates in a program called IFA (Insight For All), through which trained psychotherapist tailor therapy to the needs of formerly homeless persons.

Each year, Philadelphia performs a Point-in-Time (PIT) Count in collaboration with the Youth Count, in January of all homeless individuals living on the streets, unsheltered, or in temporary shelter housing. The PIT and Youth Count count engages concerned citizens and Philadelphia agencies working to eradicate homelessness to help estimate the size of the population in need of housing and critical life supports. 

Why We Count:

From Thanksgiving to the New Year, Project HOME has many opportunities for involvement to help make the holidays a special time for our community. Please contact Stephanie Lin at [email protected] with your interest or any questions.

Like most Americans, Janet Stearns has her own personal recollections of September 11, 2001.