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This was originally published by Einstein Healthcare Network . All images in slide show were taken by  Wesley Hilton, Einstein Healthcare Network.

For Immediate Release 

The Prayer River

Brightly-colored flowers blaze across a glass wall in our JBJ Soul Homes residence. Their petals are adorned with images of Project HOME community members from over nearly three decades.

The art installation, Growing Free (one of many that beautify our residences and facilities) was the conception of Philadelphia-based artist Meg Saligman. The inspiration, however, came from a source closer to home.

Featured Artist Brian Kane

All images featured in this blog post were originally taken by Shira Yudkoff.

Because the dark doesn’t hurt so much, I am grateful for my little adapted room-darkened apartment at Kate’s Place. I am grateful for gloomy days when independent living gets a wee bit less painful, though I have to wear my prescribed black visor over glare goggles in any weather. I am grateful for screens that do not point at me, causing pain and brain problems. Especially, I am grateful for how the screen in the lobby can get turned off by a remote at the front desk if I have to be there.

Alonda Jones, a reliable and friendly presence at the front desk at our 1515 Fairmount Avenue main office, shares her #TransformationTuesday story and the impact that Project HOME has had on her life for the last 20 years.

Project HOME began operating the Hub of Hope back in 2011 as a safe space for the most vulnerable persons who were homeless and sleeping in the concourses of Suburban Station in Center City Philadelphia. Folks came in seeking case-management services in order to access shelter or permanent housing. If people wanted to seek treatment for their substance abuse, the case management staff would also assist with that. Many times people that are living on the streets do not access health care easily. The Hub of Hope provides a safe space for folks to sit and meet with doctors.

We did it!

Thanks to tireless efforts by advocates around the country, including thousands of letters you sent to elected officials, the new federal budget includes new funding that can help us make progress toward ending homelessness.

Congress passed (and the president signed) an omnibus spending package for the remainder of fiscal year (FY) 2018, including $42.7 billion in funding for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will receive $42.7 billion. Some highlights of the spending package include:

E-filing Available

If your household income is less than $50,000 OR CSBG eligible, file your taxes through Project HOME BenePhilly Center

Claim Valuable Tax Credits
Find Out automatically if you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Child Tax Credit, and others! And remember, if you are eligible for ElTC and have not previously filed, you can still receive that money for up to three prior years.

Sister Mary Scullion and former resident Hyacinth King

A Statement from the Project HOME Community in the Wake of the Shooting in Parkland, Florida

Wes, a workshop leader in our candle-making program, shares how he has been able to use the principles of Project HOME to stay focused, balanced, and rooted in success.