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Black Lives Matter

We compiled some suggestions from our Project HOME staff for educational resources. We know this page has a lot, so if you’re overwhelmed we’d recommend you start here: Justice in June. You can use this for any month.

Black Lives Matter

Dear Project HOME community:  

Dear Beloved Community of Project HOME,

This is a moment of deep trauma resonating throughout the Project HOME community, Philadelphia, America, and the world. In this time of anger and mourning we wanted to speak out and share our perspective on recent tragic events. We reach out to and stand with all our community—staff and residents—knowing that we are predominantly people of color, and that we work for housing, healthcare, jobs, and education in communities of color.

We know that you care as much as we do about how the pandemic is impacting our collective work to end homelessness and alleviate poverty in Philadelphia. We also know that you want to help now more than ever before. Click here for ways you can help immediately while keeping yourself safe.


Friday, May 22, 10:09 AM

We are amending our list of clothing donation requests to include the following:

On Monday, May 18, 2020, Sister Mary Scullion, co-founder and executive director of Project HOME received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from the University of Pennsylvania.  

When we vote, we elect leaders who make decisions on issues that affect our lives.

Be a Grocery LifeLine for our Residents 

One of the ways you can help many of our folks who are at extreme risk right now, is through our new Project HOME Grocery LifeLine program. We are collaborating with Roonga to ensure our vulnerable residents have the essentials. You can help by signing up to become a Grocery LifeLine. This is also an opportunity to build community and to stand in solidarity with the most vulnerable among us. We hope you will join us. It can be done in four simple steps: 

Usually I Am Project HOME is dedicated to a single Project HOME employee who displays what it means to embody the mission of Project HOME. During COVID-19, so many of our employees have gone above and beyond. That is why, in this special issue of our newsletter, we’re recognizing our mission, and how every single Project HOME staff member has continued to carry it out despite many obstacles. It is also why we’re calling it You Are Project HOME.  

As a first-grader at Gwynedd Mercy Academy Elementary, Adam Welsh attended a 2017 presentation with Sister Mary Scullion. He left the event knowing that even a single dollar could have an impact in the life of someone engaged in Project HOME’s mission. Fast forward to the sprawling COVID-19 pandemic and Adam’s thoughts returned to Project HOME. “I don’t want anyone to be hungry,” said Adam, now nine-years-old. “I don’t want anyone to have to worry about getting their food when they need to focus on their health.”  

In a city where seemingly every door is closed, our doors are open.

They are open at 1515 Fairmount, the Hub of Hope, the Stephen Klein Wellness Center, and across all of Project HOME’s residences and safe havens.

But this isn’t symbolism.

Our doors are open to better serve the pressing, urgent, and very real needs of the most vulnerable among us.

Our doors are open because our work is essential.

Our doors are open because the city we call HOME is known for its fight and grit and resolve and grace.