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The Philadelphia Homeless Memorial Day Planning Committee is reaching out to you to help gather the names of the homeless and formerly homeless women, men, and children who died in 2019 (and since last year’s remembrance on 12/21/18). This year’s Homeless Memorial Day will take place on Thursday, December 19th, 5-6pm. You can also find more information about the event here and on our Facebook page.

I am Project HOME: Sam Santiago

When Sam Santiago starts his day, he is prepared to expect the unexpected. Maybe it’s picking up a birthday cake for someone he’s recently met on an outreach call, or perhaps he’s pulling over to help someone in need on his way to work. Whatever he encounters, it’s all in a day’s work for Project HOME’s veteran outreach worker.

From the Archives: Taking It to the Streets

Jerome lives on the grates east of Broad Street in Center City, Philadelphia. A Vietnam veteran who has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Jerome (not his real name) is mired in ten-years of cocaine addiction. On top of that, he has contracted AIDS.Jerome is a familiar figure to Project HOME’s outreach workers. On a regular basis they check on how he is doing and ask if he is willing and able to take a placement for the night or begin some long-term rehabilitation program. And on a regular basis, Jerome is resistant, apprehensive to seek shelter.

Tuesday, November 5 is Election Day!
Polls are open from 7 AM - 8 PM.

Election Day Resources: You have the right & freedom to vote!

  • Call 866-OUR-VOTE if you have issues voting or have questions about your rights, and you’ll be connected to a nonpartisan trained volunteer who can help you.

Not sure where you vote?

Who can vote in Pennsylvania?

"Experiencing Gratitude while Living with Chronic Illness"

Thanksgiving is upon us.

From the hearing of the Special Committee on Poverty Prevention and Reduction held Thursday, October 10, 2019.

On October 10, 2019, Sister Mary Scullion appeared before City Council's Special Committee on Poverty Reduction and Prevention. Below are her prepared remarks.

Being noticed, recognized, and validated is so close to being loved that sometimes they can feel the same. We’re hardwired for connection and belonging. We’re hardwired for community. 

Stephen Klein Wellness Center (SKWC) is not just a doctor’s office, but a safe haven for community and connection, which are the foundations of empowerment. 

One community within SKWC is a group called “Healthy Hearts Philadelphia,” an initiative aimed at reducing risk for cardiovascular disease through a series of guest educators. 

Once a month, members of our community gather for what we call our Recovery Cafés.  These are not formal or structured meetings, but a time for sharing stories and supporting each other. For an hour, it is a space where people are free to be vulnerable, without judgment, and where much hard-earned healing wisdom is given.

From our earliest years, we have recognized the tragic link between homelessness and addiction. Over the years, we have constantly sought to grow in both our understanding of and response to addiction (see “Saving Yourself Starts with Welcoming MAT”  outlining our new programs and services specifically designed to address the current opioid crisis).

This story originally appeared in our Summer 2019 Edition of News from HOME.