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“How am I going to buy soap? Or even a new toothbrush?

Worries like these often do not cross people’s minds every day, but for Sandra, such small expenses for ordinary everyday needs are about to become a burden on her life – and she is not alone. Effective August 1, thousands of residents across the state of Pennsylvania are about to lose their sole source of income: General Assistance.


"Whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved the entire world."  (The Talmud)

Richard Brown was a jovial spirit with a ready smile, a hearty laugh, and a heart as big as his large frame. To be in his presence and soak in his friendly and gentle spirit, you couldn’t imagine that this same person had once been an angry and despairing addict living on the streets.


Betty Mills-Robinson’s story is not one of potential denied, but of potential delayed.

At 14, Mills-Robinson left her mother’s warm home, situated as it was in an otherwise difficult North Philadelphia neighborhood, and moved in with an aunt who could offer a safer environment in which to live and go to school. She took full advantage of the opportunity, zipping through high school and steadily moving up the ranks in her career with the City of Philadelphia. Not even an unexpected diagnosis of bipolar disorder, it seemed, could derail the 23-year-old’s upward trajectory.


The mother/daughter duo of Sharlene and Amy Goldfischer facilitate the popular knitting club at 1515 Fairmount Avenue where our residents - many of whom are already painters, sculptors, and illustrators in their own right - hone their knitting skills with an eye toward crafting items for personal use or to sell at local craft shows. 

Project HOME (PH): Tell us a little about yourselves.


Brendan Bell is a student at the University of Notre Dame, who interned with Project HOME this summer.  He shares his reflections on his time with us.


Will O'Brien from Project HOME's Education and Advocacy Department, was present at the two-day hearing on the City's ban on outdoor food distribution to persons who are homeless. He offers these reflections from the hearing.

It was practically a church service inside Courtroom 14-B at the Federal Building in Center City this week.

U.S. District Judge William H. Yohn Jr., probably hadn’t anticipated two days of Scripture passages and mini-sermons, but after all, this was a case about religion.


Erika Slaymaker is Project HOME's Environmental Sustainability Coordinator.

On a recent Saturday morning, our neighbors in the Rowan/Judson section of the city walked to the signtuare gazebo on the grounds of the St. Elizabeth's Recovery Residence to do something that usually requires far more effort: buy fresh fruits and vegetables.


The relationship of gambling to homelessness is a critical one, which deserve serious attention as Philadelphia and other cities continue to promote casinos as a way to raise revenue. This article by Paul Davies in The Philly Post does a fine job of exploring the issues.


On May 16, Project HOME held our annual Young Leaders Event, which was a fundraiser for our youth programs. Our Executive Director Sister Mary Scullion greeted the crowd of over 350 friends and supporters with these words:


Yvonne Bailey has to rise pretty early in the morning on a work day. She gets her daughter ready for school, then heads to Center City, where she is responsible for opening the HOME Page Café at the Main Branch of the Free Library on the Parkway. It takes about 45 minutes to do the inventory, set up and clean, brew the coffee and tea, get the espresso machine going, and make the Café ready by 8:30 am for the day’s first customers.