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Did you know you can get your prenatal, postpartum, & newborn care at the Stephen Klein Wellness Center?

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Holiday Season Volunteer and In-Kind Gift Needs

From Thanksgiving to the New Year, Project HOME has many opportunities for involvement to help make the holidays a special time for our community. Review the options below and e-mail vcoordinator@projecthome.org for more details!

When Ms. Helen hugged you, you stayed hugged.

One of the pillars of the Project HOME community, Helen Brown passed away on September 5 at the age of 77. Over twenty years ago, Ms. Helen, as everyone called her, welcomed us into the neighborhood around the old St. Elizabeth’s parish in lower north central Philadelphia. She soon became our Community Organizer, and spent the past two decades overseeing a phenomenal transformation in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

On September 5, 2018, Ms. Helen Brown a prominent figure in the Project HOME community passed away. She leaves behind a legacy of empowerment and transformation and her dedication to the mission of Project HOME will live on in our memories. Please join us, along with her family on September 15, 2018, for a celebration of life as we bid our final farewells to a cornerstone of North Philadelphia and our community.

Join Vote For Homes in our ongoing nonpartisan effort to register and mobilize voters by learning about how to support the voting rights of people who are low-income, homeless, living with disabilities, or formerly incarcerated. The voter registration deadline for the November Election is October 9th!

Sister Mary Scullion Roots and Branches

Sister Mary's Roots and Branches column appears quarterly in our News from HOME print newsletter. To subscribe, click here to provide your physical address.

Amanda Aronoff served as Project HOME's Vice President of Development and Public Relations from 2000 to 2010. Her son Hayden, a student at Julia R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School, recently completed our Summer Service Learning Program and shares his experiences below.

Eunid makes it clear that recovery is possible. A former resident and now Project HOME Alumni and Residential Service Coordinator,  she shares her testimony and sheds light on how the Project HOME community has helped her get back on her feet and off the streets.

Project HOME recently hosted the seventh cohort of Digital Skills and Bicycle Thrills (DSBT). The four-week course is "a citywide initiative that connects Philadelphia's adults with digital literacy training in the context of learning and enjoying bike share throughout neighborhoods." DSBT is a partnership between the Philadelphia Office of Adult Education (OAE), the Philadelphia Office of Transportation & Infrastructure Systems (OTIS), the Better Bike Share Partnership, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, Indego, and KEYSPOT.

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services has announced that as of Monday, August 13, they will accept applications for General Assistance. This is a tremendous win for low-income people in Pennsylania, many whom have been living with no income since 2012 when the program was eliminated. 

There are two things you can do now to help us get the word out: