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Courtney Demuth is a Temple University student who is interning in Project HOME’s Advocacy and Public Policy Department.

Most, if not all, Pennsylvania State residents are aware that Governor Tom Corbett Corbett approved an on-time, no-tax increase budget for the 2011-2012 fiscal year (which began on July 1).


Anabel Genevitz, a student at Arcadia University, is interning this summer with Project HOME’s Advocacy and Public Policy Department.


Former Secretary of State Colin Powell joined Project HOME on May 20 at a special breakfast launching the Alma and Colin Powell Education Fund at our Honickman Learning Center Comcast Technology Labs. This Fund will help provide scholarship opportunities for youth in our community to move forward with their post-secondary education. The following is adapted from Secretary Powell’s remarks at the breakfast.

We have a problem in this nation, and it is not Afghanistan, a minor problem. It is not Iraq, another minor problem.


Kim Covello is a volunteer for Project HOME who previously blogged about her experience doing street outreach with Sam Santiago of our Outreach Coordination Center. 

It was Sunday, May 15, and I was driving from my Main Line home into Center City Philadelphia, excited and a little nervous. I am a 52-year-old retired attorney and suburban mom. I model for QVC and local commercials part-time and am really into health and fitness. 


Rosie Dillon is a Haverford House Fellow who works with Project HOME's Employment Services program. 

My mom was my home. She was my roots, my role model, my protector, my friend. She was the bearer of truly unconditional love in my life. When I lost my mom seven months ago, I was set adrift in the world with nothing to anchor me. I came back to work at Project HOME because I didn’t know what else to do, and because I knew that my mom had been proud of the life I was embarking on.

Will O'Brien has been part of the Project HOME community for over 20 years. He is editor and coordinator of "HOME Word."

Awhile back, I was asked to speak to a group of college students about the work of Project HOME and the crisis of homelessness.  Joining with me in the talk, to share his personal testimony, was one of our alumni, who after years living at one of our residences, is now on his own, working and contributing. After the talk I drove him back to his home.


In June 2010, our co-founder and Executive Director Sister Mary Scullion was invited to submit to the “This I Believe” audio essay project, in which persons describe the core values that guide their daily lives. Sister Mary’s essay was broadcast on Philadelphia’s public radio station WHYY-FM.  Here is a transcription of that audio essay.


Will O’Brien, who has been part of the Project HOME community since 1989, recounts a memorial service for a beloved resident, Sarae Moore. A version of this article was published in Horizons magazine in 2009.


Will O'Brien is a member of the Project HOME community, where he serves as Special Projects Coordinator.

We received an email at the office several days ago, one that had been making the virtual circuit among liberal and progressive types. It was the text of a speech by Michael Moore, the popular filmmaker and celebrity radical. He had come to Wisconsin in the throes of the political battle over the Governor’s proposal to curtail public employees’ collective bargaining rights.


Carolyn Placke is Project HOME’s Director of Housing and Community Development. Much of her work takes place in the lower north central Philadelphia neighborhood, where we do community development work – as reflected in her blog entry.