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Reggie Cintron has been a member of the Project HOME community for almost six years.  He shared his life story at a recent fund-raising benefit hosted by Wolverton & Company.  He is a gentle and caring soul, and contributes in many ways to our work and mission.


Today’s posting is taken from a recent talk given by S. Mary Scullion, Project HOME’s co-founder and Executive Director.

Over the past 20 years, we have come to see that homelessness represents a complex mixture of many factors: poverty, unemployment, disability, inadequate education, lack of access to health care, addictions, community and family breakdown, personal and social alienation.


In the Project HOME mission statement, we state, “An integral part of our work is education about the realities of homelessness and poverty and vigorous advocacy on behalf of and with homeless and low-income persons for more just and humane public policies.” 

This includes:


Sister Mary Scullion's 2009 listing as one of TIME Magazine's 100 most influential people.