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Like the song, “Summer In The City” by Lovin’ Spoonful, it’s gonna be a hot summer in the City of Philadelphia! Temperatures have already caused the City to initiate “Code Reds” to alert our outreach teams of the potential damage that heat waves could cause to the vulnerable populations on the streets. To assist our City Outreach team, the Hub of Hope and our case managers, we look to you for support to create moments of change and to make an impact towards the big picture: ending chronic street homelessness. Please consider donating the following items: (large sizes are welcomed)

Project HOME residents celebrating the announcement that 1515 Fairmount Avenue could be used as a residence for those experiencing homelessness in 1994.

This story originally appeared in our Spring 2019 Edition of News from HOME.

Roots and Branches: Reflections from Sister Mary

This story originally appeared in our Spring 2019 Edition of News from HOME.

Throughout 2019, Project HOME is marking its 30th Anniversary. A lot can change in 30 years – and we at Project HOME have gone through plenty of change, as has our society.

Tahjenae opening her apartment at Gloria Casarez Residence

This story originally appeared in our Spring 2019 Edition of News from HOME.

As 21-year-old Tahjenae opens the door to her new apartment at Gloria Casarez Residence, she’s positively beaming. “I feel like this is an amazing opportunity,” she says. 

Lynne and Harold Honickman

This story originally appeared in our Spring 2019 Edition of News from HOME.

To celebrate Project HOME’s 30th anniversary, Lynne and Harold Honickman generously donated $6 million which brought the event’s total to over $10 million. In honor of their incredible generosity, we wanted to share some of Lynne’s beautiful speech from that evening. 

I Am Project HOME - Tyesha Hightower

This story originally appeared in our Spring 2019 Edition of News from HOME.

Project HOME joined with advocates across Pennsylvania to protect General Assistance and fund affordable housing. John Boyd, a Project HOME community member, shared his powerful story at a press conference.

Good afternoon everyone, my name is John Boyd.  I am here to express my gratitude and ask for your support to protect General Assistance.  I am alive today because General Assistance is supporting my stability and helping me cover the expenses in my new apartment so that I can live independently again.  

College Access Program Summer Intern Inquiry

The John and Sheila Connors Youth Employment Program at the Honickman Learning Center and Comcast Technology Labs provides the opportunity for high school and college students enrolled in the College Access Program to complete a summer internship where they are paid for up to 120 hours over a six week period.

The internship program is successful in a variety of ways. It provides an income for students during the summer, develops professional skills, and broadens networking opportunities all while serving as a constructive way for students to remain engaged over the summer.

Every summer we offer rising 10th to 12th grade students a Summer Service Learning Experience focused on learning about issues of poverty and homelessness, building relationships with others involved in social change, getting to know persons who have experienced poverty and homelessness, and engaging in service with Project HOME and other agencies fighting poverty, hunger and homelessness in Philadelphia.

Gloria Casarez Residence Grand Opening Speeches - Sister Mary Scullion

On Tuesday, May 14, 2019, we celebrated the Grand Opening of our newest residence, the Gloria Casarez Residence. The residence, located at 1315 North 8th Street, provides 30 one-bedroom units of affordable housing targeted to young adults (age 18-23) who are homeless, have experienced homelessness, or are at risk of homelessness (including those aging out of foster care), and will be LBGTQ-friendly. Sister Mary shares a few words on the impact of the Grand Opening.