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Examinations and X-Rays


At our clinic, we are committed to providing excellent general dentistry for our patients. In order to provide the best care, we perform thorough examinations for our patients. We look at your teeth, your gums, and your tissues. We perform an oral cancer screening to check for hidden issues that you may not see or feel. We inspect your teeth and check for cavities or other signs of tooth decay. We inspect and measure your gums for any signs of periodontal (gum) disease. By returning periodically for your cleanings and examinations, we can help address problems before they arise.

Here at the Stephen Klein Wellness Center, we use digital x-rays to take an image of your tooth or teeth. The image immediately pops up on our computer in our imaging software. Our software has tools that allow us to take a close look at the teeth and their surrounding structures. As a benefit to the patient, digital x-rays also provide nearly 80 percent less radiation than standard x-rays because they are much more sensitive to radiation.

In addition to the intraoral digital x-rays, we have a panoramic x-ray machine. This machine allows us to view all of your teeth in one picture, including surrounding structures such as your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and sinuses.