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Amalgam Restorations
Amalgam fillings use a silver-colored material to restore teeth that have cavities. It is made up of 50 percent mercury, a type of metal. It is made of silver, copper, and tin, in addition to mercury, which binds these components into a hard, stable, and safe substance. Dental amalgam is considered a safe, affordable, and durable material by the Food and Drug Administration and the American Dental Association. We use dental amalgam in our office, and your dentist will make a decision if an amalgam filling is the best treatment option for your teeth. 

Composite Restorations
Tooth colored white fillings are an attractive alternative to traditional metal fillings. They match your teeth and are virtually undetectable. The material used is a durable resin that comes in subtly different shades so we can choose the shade which best matches your natural teeth. Tooth-colored fillings are done in one visit, in a procedure similar to that done for amalgam fillings, except that a curing light is used to bond the material to the tooth. Some patients request tooth colored fillings instead of metal fillings. Some insurances won’t cover white fillings on back teeth, so you may speak with your dentist to choose the option best for you.