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Mr. Duncan Watts and Ms. Molly MacGregor
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Pierce
The Rena Rowan Foundation
Mr. Joseph O'Connor
Elliott-Lewis Corporation
Radian Guaranty Inc.
The William Penn Foundation
Ms. Laura Kaiserman Dupouy
The Jesuit Community at Saint Joseph's University
The Bridgehaven Foundation
Justi Group, Inc.
Mr. David W. Wright
Paul and Melissa Anderson
Ms. Tammy Moyer
Mr. Christopher E. Dougherty
Nightingale Realty LLC
Dieter and Sara Forster
Mr. Michael J. Gallagher, Jr. and Mr. John Carroll
Mr. Gerald Lucas
Mr. Jonathan Trapp and Assurance
Mr. Jeffrey W. Coron
The Haverford School
Mr. Jeffrey C. Cepull and Ms. Lynne A. Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lynch
The Sheller Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Sherry
Envision Consultants, Ltd.
Sowinski Sullivan Architects PC
Burns Engineering
R. F. Design & Integration
Clark Hill PLC
The Law Office of Dolores Rocco Kulp
Hohn and Scheuerle, LLC
One Penn Associates
Clever Devices LTD
Stone Bay Holdings
BootPhilly, LLC
Mr. William Bensley
Mr. George P. Boyle Jr.
Ms. Megan Kiesel
Intech Construction, Inc.
Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
Ms. Mary G. Love and Mr. Adrian Castelli
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Ledwith
Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Flannery
TIFF Advisory Services, Inc.
Kinder Morgan Foundation
Dominic and Janet Genuardi Family Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. David C. Paskin
The Lighting Practice Inc.
Dr. Randall M. Miller
Ms. Margaret J. Gibbons
Mr. Edward D'Ancona
COMTO Philadelphia
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Morin
James and Katherine Ledwith Charitable Fund
Mr. Scott Skinger
Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Hockeimer Jr.
Fox & Roach Charities
Johnson & Johnson Foundation
Vanguard Real Estate Solutions, LLC
YourCause, LLC Trustee for Accenture LLP
Ms. Jeanne Ciocca M.S.W.
Mr. Frank Giovannone Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Schwenger
Saint Joseph's Preparatory School
Ms. Susan E. Sherman
Mrs. Deborah Z. Shively
Mr. William Gerath
JP Morgan Chase & Company Employee Giving Campaign
Gwynedd Mercy University
Chubb - Corporate Giving
Mr. Herbert Vederman
Mr. Lawrence H. Geller and Dr. Bernadette Cronin-Geller
Beneficial Bank
Ms. Mary Walsh and Mr. Joe Stone
William Goldman Foundation
Dr. Mark A. Hughes and Ms. Medha Narvekar
Mrs. Mary D. Corrigan
Mr. Gregory Kleiber
Mr. Paul A. Tufano
Cornerstone Advisors Asset Management, Inc.
Prof. and Mrs. Jack Johannes
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Panger
Mr. and Mrs. James Schunder
Kitchen & Associates Services, Inc.
Mr. and Ms. Stephen P. Kelly
Henry L. Kimelman Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Mendicino
Ms. Mary Sullivan DeCervantes
The Constance S. Kittner Foundation
Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC
Ms. Elizabeth A. Dale
The Bancorp
Dr. Adam Fein
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gibson
The Huron Foundation
Mr. Todd Barton and Ms. Mary Elizabeth Kreider
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
Rockstarr LLC
Mr. Patrick Mooney
Musi, Malone & Daubenberger
The M T Panger Charitable Fund
Ms. Sarah Boles
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Lachman
The Mendicino Charitable Giving Fund
The Joan W. Mackie Charitable Fund
Dr. John Detre
Ms. Margaret Carrillo
James D. Leslie Family Foundation
RouteMatch Software
Ms. Susan P. Mucciarone
Independence Realty Trust
Board of Directors of  City Trusts
Ms. Oneida A. Arosarena
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Luby
United Way Suncoast
Mrs. MaryLou diArenzo
Ms. Lori Argenzio
Westchester, a Chubb Company
Mrs. Lillian Leigh
YourCause, LLC Trustee for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Mr. Vishal Arora
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust
Mr. Karl Hirt
Mrs. Teresa Ludlow
Mr. Benjamin Falk
Mr. and Ms. Lawrence S. Reichlin
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Richardson
Valentine Foundation
Edens Corporation
Mr. James Paterno and Ms. Heather McDanel
Philadelphia Chapter of the Society for Marketing
The Merck Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Baron
ACME Markets, Inc.
Mr. Roger S. Hillas
The McLean Contributionship
Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority
Mr. James Shields
Saint Joseph's University
Mr. Steven D. Cohen and Ms. Elsie R. Stern
Ms. Sheila R. Willard
Stockton Real Estate Advisors, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. John G. O'Brien
The Franklin Institute
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Erbrick
Mrs. Eileen B. Flynn
Mr. Irving Gerber
Mr. and Mrs. John Quindlen
Mr. Raymond F. Rola
Dr. Ralph S. Sando, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Strug
The Becket Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bauman
Gunst Family Foundation
Mr. Fozan E. Ehmedi
Mrs. Julia Rix
Mr. Kevin Connell
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Ward
Ms. Laura Drake
Mr. Gregory Alexander and Ms. Marla K. Shoemaker
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kempf
The Schoenberg Family Charitable Fund
The Peggy & Ellis Wachs Family Foundation
Mr. Mathias Wegner
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Flint
Mr. Steven Emmerich
Mr. Harvey Stein
Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation
Janssen Pharmaceuticals
Mr. and Mrs. David Knoll
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schraeder
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kenney
Ms. Mariellen Paulus
Mr. and Mrs. John Berberian
Arora Engineers Inc.
Goldsmith Weiss Foundation
Marshall Dennehey Warner Coleman & Goggin
Pennsylvania Innocence Project
Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. O'Neill
STV Group, Inc.
Mr. Pasquale Deon Sr.
The Chartwell Law Offices, LLP
The Pat and Ken Kempf Charitable Fund
Schaff & Young, PC
Moore College of Art and Design
Archer & Greiner
Ms. Joan M. Mower
PennFab, Inc.
Traffic Planning & Design, Inc
Econsult Solutions, Inc
PFM Asset Management LLC
Martin Elfant, Inc.
Mathias and Susan Barton Donor Advised Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Mathias Barton
BRI 1866 1515 Market, LP
The Tega Fund
Mr. Daniel Lopez
Mr. John A. Frisch
Ms. Susan McDonald
Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association
Forward Settlement Solutions, inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Sean R. Sablosky
The Sean & Theresa Sablosky Charitable Fund
Mrs. Lauren Ladd
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. McKeon
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rudnay
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Farrell
Ms. Mary F. Jenkins
Ms. Karena Martin
Pew Charitable Trusts Employee Matching Gifts Program
Mr. Mitchell J. Kelly
Ms. Catharine M. Matchett
Ms. Suzanne Spain
Mr. Alexander Bomstein and Ms. Natasha Cahill
Brandywine Operating Partnership
Mr. Lawrence Scharf and Mr. Paul Buttner
Illadelph Glass Co.
Haven Property Services LLC
Mr. Tim Baldwin
Dr. Alix Seif
Ms. Mallory Kern
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon M. Bonovitz
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Archer
Mr. Paul Schaeffer and Ms. Victoria Risko-Schaeffer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCarthy
Mr. Richard Lawrence and Ms. Laura A. Leach
Ms. Jean Hemphill Esq.
Belfi Brothers & Company, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McKenna
Ms. Roberta Petusky
Mr. Jeff Allen
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Ms. Deborah K. Duskey
Ms. Susan L. Flory
Ms. Ann Marie Ritchie
Thomas & Carolyn Langfitt Family Foundation
Mr. Homer Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Johannesen
Mr. Alan M. Kurz and Ms. Karen Lindsay
Philadelphia Gas Works
Mr. and Mrs. Suneel Nagada
Ms. Wendy A. Liebling and Mr. Paul E. Stang
Mr. and Mrs. Tom McGlynn
Mr. and Mrs. John F. McGeever III
Transit Builders Trust
Mr. Herman Lloyd
Munn Charitable Fund
Karen Lindsay and Alan Kurz Donor Advised Fund
The Nancy Lanham Gift Fund
Mr. Bryan Herbst
Visit Philadelphia
Quinlan-Finlayson Family Fund
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Wilson
Mr. Kevin Akulin
Pledgeling Foundation
Cornerstone Benefits Inc.
Ms. Donna R. Cooper
United Way of Midland County
Ms. Constance A. Enoch
Ms. Jane I. Lowe
Mr. Yong F. Wu
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wright
Ms. Pauline M. Abernathy
Ms. Mary R. D'Angelo
Dr. Margaret M. Healy Ph.D.
Mr. Charles E. Mather III
Ms. Martha Eisenberg
Mr. and Mrs. William Thorkelson
Mr. Jeffrey Levine
Ms. Maureen H. Lindsay
Ms. Sylvia Forman
Mr. and Mrs. John Zabinski
Stella Maris Helping Hands
Mr. John Carroll
Ms. Susan Collins
Ms. Marianne McCool
Mr. John P. Gonzales
Dr. Lamar Freed and Ms. Susan Moyer
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Shanley
Mr. and Mrs. William Simkiss
Mr. Stephen Albert and Ms. Barbara B. Wachter
Villa Maria House of Studies
Mr. Leo D. Korein
Mr. David Adler
Mrs. Mariya Khandros
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Klifto
Mr. Thomas C. Bonner
Mr. Daniel Eicholtz
Mr. Steven Udicious
Law Offices of Charles Peruto
Mrs. Judith Benedict
T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Markman
Mr. Jonathan Davis
Mr. Robert E. Angevine
Truist Connect
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jacobs
Ms. and Mr. Cheryl L. Dobleske
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Mayer
Father Hank McKee
Ms. Marita McManus
Kairys, Rudovsky, Messing & Feinberg, LLP
Mr. Mark S. Stewart
Ms. Mary Turnbull
Ms. Anita M. Cipollini
Ms. Sarah Kloss
Dr. Robert Wicks
Ms. Kathy Turnbull
Ms. Mary Ellen Cadman
Dr. Katherine Rempe
Ms. Myra J. Asplundh
Ms. Nora Cashion
Mr. Jerome Sanders
People's Debt Relief Solutions, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Hayden
Mr. Todd S. Aagaard and Ms. Kristen M. Flynn
The Agnes Irwin School
Ms. Annette M. Jeffrey
Philadelphia Area Combined Federal Campaign
Mr. Elliot Weinbaum
Mr. Francis P. Hoban
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Parker
Shelley and Steven Harris Foundation
Mr. Nathan Boon and Ms. Jennifer Kraft
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance
Ms. Alice de Young
Ms. Jean G. Bodine
Ms. Susan Garfinkel
Ms. Sheila A. Murphey
Rittenhouse Claridge, L.P.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah O'Grady
Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr, LLP
Mr. Benjamin R. Neilson
Ms. Denise P. Tucker
Mr. Kevin Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Keith Jr.
Ms. Lesley Fredericks
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Picciotti
Mr. Thomas J. Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. McQuiston
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stiles
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Block
Mrs. Regina C. Esposito
Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Hughes Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. George J. Yarzabek D.D.S.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Rivituso
Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Rueff
Ronit Sugar and Robert Schiowitz
Mr. and Ms. Kenneth S. Resnik
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rubin
Dr. and Mrs. Todd J. Albert
Mr. Daniel H. Wheeler and Ms. Amy Fox
Ms. Joann Coltman
Dr. and Mrs. Harry J. Barr M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Buck
Ms. Jane C. MacElree
Mr. and Mrs. David B. MacGregor
Ms. Christine Demuro
Mr. John M. Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. DiProspero
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Balshi, D.D.S.
Dr. Steven Rosenzweig and Dr. Thea Abu El-Haj
Mr. Adam Shapiro and Ms. Terryl A. Decker
Ms. Elisabeth Doolan
St. Patrick's Rectory
Mr. and Mrs. John Schmitz
Ms. Linda E. Robertson
Mr. Ross Goldberg and Ms. Ann Bassett
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hagan
Mr. Fred Edelstein
Mrs. Barbara A. Hudak
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lichtenberg
Mr. Stephen J. Morse
Philadelphia Convention and Visitor's Bureau
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Noone
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Schwarze
Waldron Mercy Academy
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Spencer
Mr. Gordon R. Civalier
Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation
Quirk Books
Mr. Glenn Holsten and Mr. Peter Dobrin
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Loftus Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Johnston
Ms. Nina B. Korsh
Mr. Richard P. Roccato
Sacred Heart Church
Mr. Brian Keith and Ms. M. Celeste Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Maginnis
Mr. Richard W. Foltz, Esq. and Ms. Frances V. Ryan
Mr. Paul Marvel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sciblo
Mr. Adrian A. Basora and Ms. Pauline M. Barnes
Gerolamo, McNulty, Divis, Lewbart, PC
Swartz Campbell LLP
Mr. L. Bruce Melgary
Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Champine
Mr. Bruce Kuklick and Ms. Elizabeth Block
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Nolan
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Hanna
Mr. Thomas P. Nerney and Ms. Christine Walker Nerney
Style of Man Ltd
Mr. Thomas M. Griffin
Mr. Daniel Thomas
Wells Fargo Bank
Mr. Patrick Boe
Ms. Alison Fritz and Mr. Daniel Pohlig
Mr. R. Narayan Chowdhury and Ms. Sarah Noreika
Ms. Innis H. Shoemaker
Mrs. Catherine M. Lindsay
Ms. Regina Hertzig
Mr. Benjamin Silverman
Ms. Marian K. Schneider
Dr. Anne Marie McCarthy
Mr. Matthew W. Welsh
Prof. David Adler
Mr. and Dr. David Arenson
Ms. Donna Pancari
Dr. Robert Mandelbaum
Mr. Mark Kreider
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Hirsch
Ms. Jean Schnorr
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Gibbons
Ms. Maureen Long
Mr. Thomas P. Melcher
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Stahl
Chester County Community Foundation
Mr. Jonathan Smollen and Ms. Leah Kaplan
Dr. Max Ahn
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Nasuti Jr.
Mrs. Helen Diemer
Mr. and Mrs. David Colleran
Ms. Maureen Tobin
Ms. Jennifer Pogoriler
Mr. and Mrs. John Fulton
The Huseman-Rich Family Charitable Foundation
Ms. Maureen Parris
Ms. Linda Fishman
Ms. Mary Eddid
The Cressida Fund
Russell E. and Elizabeth W. Morgan Foundation
Dr. Mary Ersek
Mr. Andrew Shapiro
Dr. Arjunan Ganesh
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Reed
Rev. Jacquelynn C. Van Vliet
Dr. Wudbhav Sankar
Cannuscio Rader Family Foundation
Mrs. Nancy A. Zachwieja
Louis Nayovitz Foundation
Dr. Kathleen T. Owens
Ms. Annmarie McGettigan
Lisa Washington Charitable Fund
Yampolsky Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Collin J. Stuart
Ms. Catherine Klein
Greater Philadelphia Chapter of PCMA
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. O. Harding
Mr. Andrew Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. Henry K. Justi
Mr. Joseph Griesser
Mr. Edward O'Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Beckley
The John P. Gibbons Family Charitable Fund
Ms. Roberta Richard
Ms. Cecilia Lo
The Barbara and Todd Albert Fund
Ms. Jennie A. Granger
Duane Morris LLP
Weber Gallagher
Wabtec Passenger Transit
Dr. Sam Pierce
Independence Visitor Center Corporation
Brooks Bradley & Doyle
Trauner Consulting Services, Inc.
IUPAT District Council 21
Hazzouri and Associates LLC
Eden's Transit, LLC
Naulty, Scaricamazza, & McDevitt, LLC
LMS Clothing Corp
Mr. Michael Leneghan
Mr. Thomas J. Hoskins
Mr. Charles Barscz Jr.
Ms. Christina Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew K. Johnston
The Diana and Robert Harding Fund
Philip and Elsa Lichtenberg Charitable Fund
Mrs. Erin Buehler
Mr. David Elmets
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Knueppel
Mr. Todd Greenfield
Ms. Ingrid C. Deckman
The Deckman Family Fund
Gemino Healthcare Finance, LLC
Mrs. Jennifer Shimony
Mrs. Christine Strickland
Ms. Norka Malberg
Mr. Cullen Blake
Ms. Margaret Darensbourg
Mr. Markus Whitley
Prof. Paul Siliciano
Ms. Rosalind Resnick
The Golbderg Bassett Charitable Fund
AGroves Fund
World Wide Technology Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Reilly
John and Hilary Charitable Fund
Dr. and Mrs. John Cannarella
Creative Artists Agency
Rosin Charitable Fund
Mr. Michael Kempski
Karen and James Reed Account
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Allison
Jim and Judy Allison Donor Advised Fund
Mr. Michael H. Sinoway
Mr. William A. Pietragallo II
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gordon
Dr. David Schifeling
Mr. Moshe Pasternak
Mr. Richard L. Scheff and Ms. Natalie D. Ramsey
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Vicinelli
S and K Vicinelli Charitable Fund
The Jamie & Lisa Maguire Family Foundation
Mr. Gurwinder Singh
Ms. Yael Futer
Mr. Joe Fairless
The Nerney Family Foundation
Mr. Anthony Nicolo
Mr. James Fitzgerald