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Anonymous (5)
Ms. Anne O'Donnell
Post & Schell, PC
Villanova University
Mr. and Mrs. Denis P. O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McTeague
Ms. Susan E. Miller
Mr. Paul Rathblott and Ms. Carol Saline
Mr. Richard Boardman
Mr. John J. Cawley
Ms. Joan C. Logan
Mr. George Wierzalis and Ms. Kyu Hwang
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gottlieb
Mrs. Janet Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Gunn
Mr. Patrick Liedtka and Ms. Kathleen M. Darwin
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Etchells
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Magnatta
Ms. Susan L. Felker
CBRE Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Nancy R. Posel and Mr. Frank Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Janney
Mr. Michael Underwood
Mr. Mark Solomon
Mr. and Mrs. Pete J. Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Fell
Mr. Thomas F. Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Van Haute
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Thompson
Ms. Joann Cavalier
Ms. Cathy Zhang
Mr. Brian Akamine
Ms. Vitalia Vygovska
Mr. Walter Woodring
Ms. Stephanie Cabral
Mesos Capital LLC
Mr. Pancham Gupta
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sachs
Beryl & Philip Sachs Philanthropic Fund
The Associated
Amazon Smile
Ms. Sheila Masterson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Capizola
Mr. and Ms. Edward A. Tierney
Mr. Lawrence Eichel and Ms. Barbara Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Duffy
Mrs. Eileen Hessman
Ms. Mary Sexton
Ms. Nadia Kunz
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Otto Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Devin Aronstam
Ms. Mary Harbison
Dr. Eric Berger and Dr. Melissa Lerman
Mr. Charles Cycon
Ms. Kathleen Glackin
Morgan Stanley
Mr. Jay Pomerantz
Mr. and Mrs. Karl B. Salus
North Highland Consulting
Mr. Joshua Rosenberg
Mr. Steven Weinstein
Mr. Wei Su
Ms. Leslie Tyler
Mr. Robert Arata
Ms. Elizabeth Romano
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kane Jr.
Mr. William G. Double
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Crooks
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rardin
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Quense
Mrs. Mary Ann Renken
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Lemmerman
Ms. Carole A. Kempf
Mr. David Sekula
Mr. David Moos
Mr. Francis X. McGowan Jr.
Mr. Steven Elkin
IBM Employee Services Center
Mrs. Joan M. Souchik
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Rassas
Ms. Mary Graham-Zak
Mrs. Brianna Schmidt
Mrs. Virginia Susini
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory K. Hecker
Colin Likens and Eugene Buckley
Mr. Anthony G. Campisi
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley H. Shirk, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Early
Ms. Peggy A. McGarry
Ms. Adena Herskovitz
Mr. John E. Sindoni
SEI Giving Fund
Mr. Paul C. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. O'Brien
Mr. James A. Early
Mr. James C. Ingram and Ms. Constance M. Pechura
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Senno
Dr. David Z. Ramirez
Dr. Eric Wickstrom
Mrs. Jennifer Klesh
Ms. Joan Duckenfield
Ms. Rachel Wener
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Jackman
Mr. Alfred J. Perazzelli
Ms. Jessica Greenfield
Thomas and Sonja Eveslage
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard P. Ryan
John and K.D. Fahey
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Davies
Mr. Eamonn Tweedy
Qualcomm Matching Grant Program
The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
Shirk Family Charitable Fund
Dr. Woody Register
Mrs. Elizabeth Fife
Ms. Pamela S. McCormick
Mrs. Ruth Holt
Mr. Thomas Morgan Jr.
Mr. Ned Shell
Mrs. Lauren Gibson
Ms. DonnaKay Tiller
Police and Fire Federal Credit Union
Mr. David M. Smith
Mr. Nathan Rouwhorst
Mr. J Scott
Mr. Matthew Rehmann
Ms. Patricia Callinan
Saint Mary Magdalene Community
Ms. Anne S. Hochberg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Torkelson
Mr. David A. Dorsey
Mr. and Mrs. William Y. Giles
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sheppard
Mr. Herbert A. Brueckner
Mr. and Mrs. John Okolowicz
Mr. and Mrs. Jim R. Sullivan
Ms. Kathleen McClung
Ms. Allyson J. Frank
Dr. Robert Heuckeroth
Mr. Jesse W. McCarthy
Mr. Bruce Flanegan
Ms. Barbara J. Brown
Mr. Sheldon Pollack
Theresa and John Barth
Mr. Noah Scott
Mr. Alexander Goldenberg
Pepper Hamilton, LLP
Ms. Madeline Soffer
Mr. Charles E. Gramlich
Mr. Richard J. Humphreys
Mrs. Erin D McEvoy
YourCause, LLC Trustee for eBay Foundation
Solutions for Progress, Inc.
Ms. M. Eileen Dougherty
Ms. Linda Reis
Aetna Foundation
Mr. David Zambelli and Mr. Henry A. Tawyea
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bernicker
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Urbanski
Ms. Sandra M. Berwind
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Vardaro
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Vergare
Ms. Suzanne Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Binswanger, Jr.
Mr. Gene B. Bishop and Mr. Andrew Stone
Ms. Susan Wilson
Mr. Albert G. Bixler
Ms. Sharon K. Boddy
Mr. Jonathan Ireland
Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships
Ms. Margaret J. Miller
Ms. Susan B. Hunt
Ms. Patricia E. Wilson
Mr. and Ms. William A. Harvey, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Ameet Ravital
Ms. Amanda S. Aronoff, Esq. and Mr. James Keller
Mr. and Prof. Tom Dollmeyer
Ms. Nancy M. Crouse
Rabbi Alan Iser and Ms. Sharon Liebhaber
Dr. Jerry Shields and Dr. Carol Shields
Mr. Robin J. Stout and Ms. Elise Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Shaeffer
Ms. Katherine M. Hovde and Mr. Kenneth M. Kulak
Mr. Jeffery W. Perkins and Mr. Ken Lovett
Teresa Valls
Mr. Terrance Ryan
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Mr. and Mrs. Aidan Altenor
Ms. Mary C. Malone
Dr. Ram A. Cnaan
Mr. Donald J. Kieser
White and Williams LLP
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Buck III
Mr. Fred Cowden
Ms. Margaret F. Cristofalo
Mr. and Mrs. John Bogle
Mr. Birchard T. Clothier
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Denny
Mr. Kevin Duffy
Mr. Richard Woosnam and Ms. Diane Dalto
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Forgash
Griffiths Construction, Inc.
Mr. Michael T. Davis
Mr. and Dr. Richard Yelovich
Ms. Nicole L. Herman
Ms. Miriam Carter
Ms. Ruth Levikoff
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Gartland
Dr. Julie Byrne
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Halpert
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Albrecht
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Krigstein
Ms. Marie J. Lennan
Ms. Emilie Lounsberry
Mr. Mark J. McCabe
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Baena
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Mohrbacher
Ms. Susan Nowicki
Ms. Estelle B. Richman
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ruyak, Jr.
Sister Mary Scullion
Mr. Bradley K. Sheeks and Ms. Patricia McBee
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Hankowsky
Ms. Laura A. Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Robinson
Pedro Ramos, Esq. and  Rafaela Torres
Mrs. Kimberly W. Simmons
Prof. Dianne Chambless
Mrs. Kathleen T. Mulhern
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Heumann
Saint Mary's at the Cathedral
Mr. Peter Walsh
St. Dorothy Church
Ms. Melita M. Saunders-Tiernan
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Holt Jr.
Mr. Christopher Soltis
Mr. James Sundahl
Ms. Kristin Davidson
Mr. Mark E. Levin and Ms. Susan Strong
Mr. James P. Marsh and Ms. Linda J. Witt
Ms. Louise G. Christopher
Ms. Joan Martini
Ms. Corinne Berger
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Koss M.D.
Pathways to Housing, PA
The Mennonite Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Adam Pessin
Ms. Kathleen Murphey
Ms. Elizabeth Strock
Ms. Toni Benner
Ms. Gloria McNutt
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence P. Genuardi
Ms. Eileen S. Dolente
Mr. Karl S. Martino
Mrs. Grace Marie Gerber
Ms. Carol R. Yaster
Miss Jancis Long
Ms. Lisa R. Mann-Shank
Ms. Taije Silverman
Ms. Jothy S. Varughese
Mr. Harry Roth and Dr. Lisa H. Roth
Housing Innovations LLC
Mr. Gilbert Feinberg
Mr. Stephen A. Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Perl
Ms. Margaret Keenan
Mr. Jerome P. Epstein
Ms. Ursula Henwood Keating
Charitable Flex Fund
Mr. George J. Ehrgott
Mr. Tobias Schulze-Clever and Dr. Jennifer Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Cullen
Mr. Andrew Stober
Mr. Ryan F. Mallgrave
Parkway Corporation
Mr. Frank Lindy and Ms. Chung Do
Ms. Elizabeth Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Beale
Rolls-Royce Owners Club - Keystone
Mr. Thomas Laskawy
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Turner
Ms. Carolyn Copp
Ms. MaryAnn A. Erdosy
Mr. and Mrs. John Egner
Mr. Nicholas Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lawler
Ms. Joan A. Markoe
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cushing
Ms. Wendy Nickerson
Mr. Seymore Rubin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Olivieri
Mr. Patrick Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Hans B. Van Den Berg
Ms. Luana Goodwin
Ms. Kathleen Foster
Mrs. Donna DePowell
Ms. Sonja Rivera
Mr. Gavin Lentz
Mr. Mark Turner
Mrs. Catherine Renon
Prof. Graham Dobereiner
Ms. Elizabeth Crawford
Dr. Sharon Hill
Mr. Bradford Clayman
Mr. Steve Weiler
Allan Domb Real Estate
Mr. and Mrs. David Ferry
Ms. Julie Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sigman
The Raich Family Fund
Dr. William A. Raich
The Morris, Max, and Sarah Altman Memorial Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Francis McGovern
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Royal
Mr. George Gresko
Mrs. Kathryn R. Filarsky
Ms. Linda Marucci
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Crawford
Mr. Matthew Feldman
Mr. Matthew Kaczmarczyk
Mr. Owen Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Fee
Women's Auxiliary of the German Society of PA
Mr. Robert OHara
Mr. David Milone
Mr. Michael Schaffer and Ms. Lisa Ellis
Ms. Erica Smith
Mr. Edward Mahlman and Dr. Moya Kinnealey
Mr. David Reno
Friedman LLP
Ms. Idette Elizondo
Mr. Charles Lewis
The Daniel B. and Florence E. Green Foundation
Mr. Raymond J. Nolen III
Ms. Jean W. Fisher
Dr. Erin Volpe
Rev. Thomas A. Pesci S.J.
Mr. Christopher Bannan
Mr. Eric Huefner and Ms. Lily Knoerzer
Mr. Christopher Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hepp
Mr. Charles M. Vernet
Mr. and Ms. Michael J. Malloy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kruse
Ms. Ruby Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Walsh
Mr. Derek Ziegler and Ms. Gili Ronen
Ms. Ann B. DeLaura
Ms. Sheila Hickey
Mr. John Hogan
Mr. Michael Holland
Mr. Richard Dupuis, Jr. and Ms. Marjorie Little
Mr. Arthur Salter
Mr. Anthony J. Vitullo Jr.
Mr. James McCauley
Ms. Jessica Levine
Dr. and Mrs. Peter R. Kowey
The Loeb Cullen Family Fund
Penn Beer Distributors Inc.
Sellers Dorsey Foundation
Lawler Family Fund
Douglas R. and Helen G. Grundman Giving Fund
Mr. and Mrs. David Fryman
Griesing Law LLC
Hyman and Marjorie Weinberg Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Simo P. Hakkarainen
The Gene Bishop and Andrew Stone Charitable Fund
Mr. Thomas Monaghan
Hippodrome Building
Walsh Construction Co.
Mr. Mark E. Gottlieb
Mr. Brendan Sozer and Ms. Christine Frye
Mr. Charles Sterne III
InR Advisory Services
Mr. Jesse Berliner-Sachs
The Fryman Charitable Giving Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Kelly
Mr. William Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Gino J. Benedetti
Women's Transportation Seminar, Inc.
Plumbers Union Local 690
SNC Lavalin
Intl Assoc of Bridge Structural Ornamental Iron Workers
Silverthorne for Mayor
Ms. Rebecca Mer
Ms. Carmen Mangion
IUOE Local 542
Mr. Thomas Meade
Ms. Lauren R. Eni
Ms. Kathy Korsen
Kolon Family Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Thompson
Ms. Milissa Elizondo
Ms. Gina Crooks
Mr. Aji Nair
Mr. Lawrence McDermott
Fitness International
Altenor Family Charitable Fund
Matthew and Emily Perl Family Charitable Fund
Mr. Matthew Hamermesh
Mr. Jeffrey Barg
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Shivetts
Mrs. Megan Doherty
Ms. Sara Monostra
Mrs. Kelly Munsell
Mr. Jake Levin
Mr. Chris Pikula
Mr. Douglas Abelow
Mr. Mark Zavodnyik
Ms. Mary Bradley
Mr. Walter Banker
Ms. Taryn G. Jones
Dr. Douglas Webber
Ms. Ellen McLoone
Ms. Lauren A. Bucci
Ms. Katherine Haegele
Mrs. Karen Vizza
Mrs. Margaret Blanco
Dr. Michael Goldfinger
Ms. Olivia Selinger
Mr. Paul Statt
Mr. Dean Ritts
Dr. Molly Herr
Mrs. Gabrielle Grode
Ms. Pamela Garnick
Dr. Danielle Betz
Dr. Farrell Lines
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Mannella
Dr. Daniel Parish
Ms. Barbara Fortner
Mr. Robert Brier
Ms. Christine Davis
The Mary Catherine Bolster Charitable Fund
Gunn Family Charitable Giving Fund
The Kathleen C. Glackin Charity Fund
Ms. Susan Ciccantelli
Ms. Carmen Burgess
Mrs. Joan G. Smith
The Maher Family Fund
The O'Neill-Robertson Family Fund
Seer Interactive
Mr. Scott W. McGough
Mrs. Vanessa Allen
Mr. Rohan Shah
Community Health Services
Mr. James G. Kaiser
Morgan Verkamp LLC
Mrs. Clare Riley
Mr. Paul Sizer
Mr. Robert J. Kieselowsky
Mr. Peter Nwani
Ms. Carrie A. Simons
Mr. Herbert F. Bohnet IV
The Carrie Simons and Herbie Bohnet Charitable Fund
Owens Family Charitable Fund
Mrs. Elizabeth Forti
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC
Mrs. Maria Pollack
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Landes
Mrs. Theresa Lavoie
Mr. Peter Sinclair