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Fiscal Year 2016: Our Staff


Senior Staff

Jeanne Ciocca
Director of Residential Services, Philadelphia Alliance Supportive Services for Veteran Families
215-232-7272 x3046

Carolyn Crouch-Robinson
Director of Residential Services, Residential
215-232-7272 x3003

Joan Dawson McConnon
Associate Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer
215-232-7229 x4081

John Ditko
Director of Facilities
215-232-7272 x5305

Japbir Gill
Director of Program Evaluation and Quality Assurance
215-232-7272 x3010

Mudit Gilotra
Director of Integrated Healthcare Services
215-235-3110 x5643

Mary Graham-Zak
Vice President of Information Technology
215-232-7272 x5320

Lisa Greenspan
Director of Clinical Services
215-320-6187 x5711

Barb Hadley
Vice President of Education and Workforce Development
215-235-3110 x5625

Annette Jeffrey
Vice President of Development and Communications
215-320-6188 x3063

Lorna Kuehl
Acting Director of Human Resources
215-232-7219 x5214

Isaac King
Director of Property Management
215-232-7272 x5302

Richard Kingston
Vice President of Property Management
215-232-7272 x5309

Greg Landistratis
Director of Operations, Stephen Klein Wellness Center
215-320-6187 x5743

Gillian Martenson
Director of Residential and Clinical Services
215-232-7272 x3073

Matthew McCarter
Director of Real Estate Development and Asset Management
215-235-3110 x5619

Monica Medina McCurdy
Vice President of Healthcare Services
215-235-3110 x5614

Jennine Miller
Director of Advocacy and Public Policy
215-232-7272 x3042

Beth Muller
Director of Budgets and Financial Analysis
215-232-729 x4005

Mary Randles
Director of Honickman Learning Center and Comcast Technology Labs
215-235-2900 x6120

Marianne Schuster
215-232-7229 x4023

S. Mary Scullion
Executive Director
215-232-7272 x3108

Eric Smelser
Director of Information Technology
215-232-7272 x3011

Sue Smith
Vice President of Residential and Homeless Programs
215-232-7272 x3070

Janet Stearns
Vice President of Real Estate Development and Assets
215-235-3110 x5620

Carol Thomas
Director of Homeless Services
215-232-7272 x3004

Laura Weinbaum
Vice President of Public Affairs and Strategic Initiatives
215-232-7272 x3037


Other Contacts

Beth Croop
Controller for the Managed Entities
215-320-6192 x4001

Michael Gainer
Manager of Communications
215-232-7272 x3058

Elle Gordon
Volunteer and In Kind Gift Coordinator
215-232-7272 x4483

Rachel Lewis
PRS Program Manager
215-232-7272 x4483

Stephanie Lin
Manager of Annual Giving and Special Events
215-232-7272 x3045

Maureen Scully
Executive Assistant to the Executive Director
215-232-7272 x3030

Alison Taylor
Recovery Services Coordinator
215-232-7272 x3050

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