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We know things tend to get lost in the shuffle when websites are redesigned, and we also know how useful you find the Where to Turn guide. With that in mind, we'll make the guide available throughout our new site. But we also recommend you bookmark so that you can always quickly access the latest version of this invaluable guide. 

Protect Medicaid in Pennsylvania!

We have until April 10 to respond to tell the Federal government to ask Governor Corbett to amend his “Healthy PA” plan.  Please send comments and feedback on the Healthy PA proposal. YOU will have an impact and will help us to protect and expand a Medicaid program that works for vulnerable Pennsylvanians. 

On December 6, 2013, the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare released its proposed health insurance plan, which it calls “Healthy PA.”  Although it is presented as the state’s Medicaid Expansion proposal, it would also scale back benefits for the more-than-1,000,000 current Medicaid recipients in Pennsylvania.  In addition to scaled back benefits, the plan proposes new cost-sharing (fees for participants) and a job search or employment requirement.  It is important that Medicaid reform NOT reduce coverage for more than a million people already on Medicaid -- seniors, people with disab

Voter's rights advocates and the Vote for Homes Coalition discuss why voting matters in this video. 

With support from State Voices, Progress Now Education Fund developed a short video about the Vote for Homes Coalition and Project HOME to highlight our voter registration and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) activities in Pennsylvania. To learn more about the coalition, visit To support our work, visit