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They walk three abreast, one in a police uniform, another in a white Center City District (CCD) shirt with a purple hat, and a third wearing an orange vest with the words ‘Homeless Outreach’ on the back. Known as Ambassadors of Hope, this trio is pounding the pavement daily, stopping to talk to people they see experiencing homelessness, and bringing hope to each person they meet. “The thinking is that we can have a consistent presence in places where folks might spend their day,” explains Madelaine Guss, program manager for Project HOME’s Ambassadors of Hope.



The Hub of Hope is a partnership between the transit agency, SEPTA, and Project HOME, a social service agency for unsheltered people. SEPTA provided the space — a renovated 800-square-foot storefront inside the underground rail station at Penn Center downtown.


From Philadelphia Weekly

The Hub of Hope is a partnership between SEPTA, the City of Philadelphia and homeless activist organization Project HOME. Spokespeople from both SEPTA and the City of Philadelphia cited the good works of the Hub of Hope when asked only about the turnstiles’ impact on the homeless populations.



Every weekday morning, souls who live in and around Suburban Station haul their few belongings through the maze of the station, through the cacophony of the Hub of Hope, the innovative homeless service center there, and make their way to a comfortable back room that feels, well, like a living room.

And that's what it's called.

Angie Lewis, Program Manager at the Hub of Hope, recently shared some very positive outcomes and inspriring reflections from the engagement center's first two months of operation. You can download the full outcomes report here.

On behalf of the entire team at the Hub of Hope, I wanted to share a snapshot of the Hub's first two months of operations. Before jumping into that, though, I'd like to share a few reflections.


From Philly Voice:

Hub for Hope, a service center for Philadelphia’s homeless population, opened Tuesday in Suburban Station.


From CBS Philly:

It was a groundbreaking advance in Philadelphia’s response to homelessness Tuesday as officials cut the ribbon on the new Hub of Hope.

The sparkling new facility in Suburban Station is the culmination of years of work by homeless advocates, city officials and SEPTA.


From WHYY:

Philadelphia’s new day center for the homeless opens its doors Wednesday, but it’ll be opening in an unusual location — underground.


From 6ABC:

Hub of Hope is ready to unveil a major upgrade to an 11,000 square foot facility in SEPTA's Center City subway concourse.

Project HOME worked with the City of Philadelphia and SEPTA to create this first of its kind facility.

It is not a shelter, but rather a way to connect the city's homeless to other services.


From the Philadelphia Inquirer

Guiding chronically homeless people to the assistance they need is a delicate process, said those who work with the city’s indigent, and requires giving people with nowhere to go a place to feel welcome.


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