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We've been working hard to put the finishing touches on this year's Hub of Hope report, and the preliminary report can be downloaded below.

Emergency Housing Services That Work

Bruce sleeps on Wood Street between 18th and 19th and has for over 10 years, refusing all housing options. But this winter, after multiple outreach engagements, he agreed to sleep inside at the winter respite in the basement of Arch Street United Methodist Church. After a few months of good rest and encouragement, he finally agreed to sign paperwork to connect him to Pathways to Housing PA, a housing-first agency which will link him to his own apartment.


From One Step Away, via

For Joel, it’s a place to sit. The air from the heaters keeps the walkways warm and free of ice. The wind and snow from the streets are blocked by large, heavy doors. In this weather, the concourses under the city’s central business district become a safe haven from the outside world.

Surprise! It's Jon Bon Jovi - underground

From the Philadelphia Daily News

Some of the people in this city feeling like they're living on a prayer were given anything but bad medicine when Jon Bon Jovi showed up yesterday.

In town to chair a board meeting with members of his nonprofit, the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, the hunky rocker paid a surprise visit to Project HOME's Hub of Hope - a drop-in homeless center in SEPTA's Suburban Station.

Homeless will soon have Hub of Hope again in Philly's Suburban Station

From Newsworks

People who are homeless in Philadelphia will soon have a place to go in Philadelphia's Suburban Station.

"Hub for Hope," Project Home's drop-in homeless center in Suburban Station is expected to open next week in its old storefront near the 15th Street entrance. For the last few winters, Project Home has set up Hub of Hope in the space as a walk-in services center.

Hope Reigns Supreme: Hub of Hope Reopens

We are extremely grateful and excited to announce that the Hub of Hope will be able to open in our old location, free of charge, under Two Penn Center for the rest of the winter! The walk-in center provides health services and housing placement to persons experiencing long-term homelessness, and will be open Monday through Friday, 7 am to 11 am and 6 pm to 8 pm.


From the Philadelphia Daily News

THE HUB OF HOPE is headed back home.

After Project HOME's seasonal social-services center for the homeless was inexplicably shut out of its old space inside Suburban Station, it was told that it could return.

Talk about a welcome about-face.


From Al Dia News

It has been two weeks since Hub of Hope found themselves without a venue to run their mobile homeless services center. After being booted from Suburban Station and scrambling to find a new space in the same vicinity, Project HOME proudly announced today that the Hub will reopen for the rest of the winter at its first location beneath 2 Penn Center.


From the Philadelphia Daily News

BY NOW, the Hub of Hope, Project HOME's seasonal social-service center for the homeless in Suburban Station, should be buzzing with men and women wanting to see a case worker or a doctor or just get a short reprieve from the cold with a tepid cup of coffee or a pair of socks.

But in a cruel irony, the Hub of Hope is homeless.


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