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Hub of Hope


Curtis Stubbs' situation had become dire in the weeks before Project HOME outreach worker Sam Santiago entered his life.

Suffering from untreated schizophrenia and drug addiction, Curtis’ sense of hopelessness had already driven him to attempt suicide once. He was living on a razor’s edge and he knew it; so when Sam offered him a way out, Curtis grabbed it with both hands.

"I'm still working on myself," he admits. "But if I didn't have Project HOME I'd be in one of two places: jail or six feet under. Project HOME is a blessing."


The Hub of Hope is a walk-­‐in engagement center located under Two Penn Center in Philadelphia, providing social and health services to individuals experiencing long-­‐term homelessness living in and around the subway Concourses. The inaugural season lasted from January through April 2012.


Sean Quebedo threw down the Queen of Hearts, punctuating his win over Joy Johnson in a friendly game of cards. 


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