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Young Adult Program

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Project HOME’s young adult program is one of three main components of our initiative to end and prevent chronic street homelessness. National research shows that vulnerable young adults and youth – especially those transitioning from foster care, and those that are homeless living in shelter or other unstable housing situations – comprise one of the largest and fastest-growing groups of homeless individuals. We believe that with interventions to stabilize, educate, employ, and empower these young adults, we can prevent them from becoming a steady stream into the homeless system.

With support and collaboration from local experts in young adult programming, Project HOME provides permanent housing and support services for these young adults as a foundation to achieve their long-term goals for housing, education, and employment.

By FY19, after the development of more permanent housing, we anticipate having the capacity to serve at least 100 young adults through our programming. To ensure high quality services and successful outcomes, Project HOME will ramp up staffing and supportive services for the growing population. Toward that end, we will work with partners to identify and serve young adults who may be appropriate candidates for housing opportunities at Project HOME. To ensure these services appropriately meet the unique needs of participants, our young adult residents are encouraged to provide ongoing feedback and evaluation of programming.