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Creative Expressions: Holiday Cards by Project HOME Residents


We are excited to announce our newest line of Holiday cards featuring artwork and creative expressions by some of our talented residents. One of the cards, shown here, features a painting by Felice Ross, a resident at our Connelly House residence. The inside of the card contains a poem written by April Parker, who also resides at Connelly House. (She was profiled earlier in this blog.)


By April Venesha Parker

There is a place

Where I can go

Where I belong

Where there is warmth

Where there is love

Amongst family & friends

I call this place home.


Felice reflects on the creation of this painting:

“I was inspired by a painting I saw recently in Chinatown. It was a tiny shelter on the side of a mountain. It struck me that anyone could see it was insufficient relief from nature as it was raging against the mountain, but apparently, it was enough.

“Also, I remember looking at bunnies sitting hearthside in one of Beatrix Potter’s illustrations and I was struck by the color of the hearth-light on the figures. It said home, safety, haven – exactly what April is talking about in her poem.  Actually, it looks more like the figures of the Nativity in that painting and I would rather the shadows remain ambiguous and open to personal interpretation to the viewer rather than limit it to my personal spin on it.

“When we were in the discussion group some months back, I told everyone that a tiny friendly gesture, like a smile, is like shelter, from all the misery that storms down on a person who is exposed to the elements without any comforts. (I am referring to homelessness).”

You can purchase this or other Holiday Cards by Project HOME residents by going to the new Project HOME Online Store -- where you will also find other great gift ideas.