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Born to Shine


Hyacinth King is a long-time resident of Project HOME and one of the leaders in our community. She works with our Outreach Coordination Center, is active in our Advocacy Committee, and serves on our Board of Trustees. Last week, on February 4, her mother, Theora King, passed away. Hyacinth shares her reflections in the wake of losing her mother, who was a great supporter of Project HOME and a great strength in Hyacinth's life.

It's funny how most people don't really appreciate their mothers, especially during their developing years. We tend to think of them as nagging or nosey. Even mothers who have had their own personal issues, and neglected us for one reason or another, we carry anger towards them for years, sometimes forever. I didn't become homeless because of anyone but myself and my mental illness. I ran from my mother, and when she found me on the street, I changed my location.

Both she and I are greatly indebted to the Project HOME community.  When I became mentally stable and drug free, I was able to re-bond with my mom. She was my Saturday movie-buddy, and we would also go to lunch and shopping (ugh -- unlike her, I'm not much of a shopper). There was nothing I couldn't talk to her about. She didn't make my decisions,she gave me options.

I feel sadness for those whose mothers passed at an early age, or who never had fun with their mothers.

I have no regrets or guilt about my own experience. I know within my heart, I did everything an only child could do

My mom told me we were all born to shine, and as we shine, we allow others to do the same. I told her I loved her everyday, and she told me the same. She has helped me to shine.

Don't wait until it is too late to bond with mom. It will be a regret you'll never forget.