Choosing Hope | Project HOME

Choosing Hope


On May 16, Project HOME held our annual Young Leaders Event, which was a fundraiser for our youth programs. Our Executive Director Sister Mary Scullion greeted the crowd of over 350 friends and supporters with these words:

When I see the energy in this room, I am hopeful; hopeful about the future.  An event like this symbolizes the best of our City – all sectors and generations coming together to meet some of our toughest social challenges in a way that makes Philadelphia a more humane, just, compassionate and hospitable city for all.  

We have over 350 people here tonight, and seeing so many of the younger generation supporting the youth and residents of Project HOME reinforces our belief that Philadelphia can end homelessness.  So, please continue to stay involved with us – volunteer at one of our residences, write your elected officials  to advocate for those who are vulnerable; spread the word through social media. We need your generation to lead the way HOME.

Thank you all for being part of this special gathering and for being part of the Project HOME community. Thank you for your investment in our youth. And, most of all, thank you for choosing hope – because with that hope, anything is possible.

I am deeply drawn to a quote by actor Christopher Reeve, who became a quadriplegic following a terrible accident: “Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” Tonight is a gathering of people who have chosen hope. All of you believe that, despite enormous odds and countless obstacles, we can pool our collective vision and talents and energy to create a brighter future for our city. We can build a city where no one is forced to live on our streets, where every child gets a quality education, where all citizens have genuine opportunities to flourish.