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Tell Governor Corbett to Ensure Quality Healthcare for All

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On December 6, 2013, the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare released its proposed health insurance plan, which it calls “Healthy PA.”  Although it is presented as the state’s Medicaid Expansion proposal, it would also scale back benefits for the more-than-1,000,000 current Medicaid recipients in Pennsylvania.  In addition to scaled back benefits, the plan proposes new cost-sharing (fees for participants) and a job search or employment requirement.  It is important that Medicaid reform NOT reduce coverage for more than a million people already on Medicaid -- seniors, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable individuals and families.

Please help before January 13, when the public comment period ends!  Talking points are at the bottom of this page (just cut and paste your concerns) or create your own. You can also read the plan directly or sign up to attend public hearings.