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Bringing About Change | Dionne Stallworth

  • Dionne Stallworth | 25th Anniversary of Project HOME
    Dionne Stallworth | 25th Anniversary of Project HOME

Dionne Stallworth insists that you can’t fully understand her if you don’t understand her attraction to superheroes. 

Her posters of Batman, Wonder Woman, et al, testify to her belief that “one person has the power to bring about change.” Dionne has been bringing about change for many years – starting with herself. From her battles with mental illness and homelessness, she has found a home at Project HOME’s Connelly House.

And she has found a sense of home in her identify as a transgendered woman.  A veteran of military service, Dionne has been a hero in the broader society, too, winning awards for her pioneering work in the LGBT movement, advocating for political empowerment and health issues for transgendered persons. Within the Project HOME community, Dionne has been a culture maven, sharing her encyclopedic knowledge of television and movies, even putting on periodic movie nights and other educational and entertainment events for residents.

Dionne’s wry humor blends with deep social analysis, all wrapped in a fierce commitment to human dignity and inclusivity. You might even think she has super powers.

Dionne's story was inluded in our 25th Anniversary Gala book.