Living Miracle | Zarah Teachy | Project HOME

Living Miracle | Zarah Teachy

On the door to her West Philadelphia apartment, Zarah Teachy has a sign that reads “I’m a Miracle.” Her story would bear that out. Zarah first met Sister Mary Scullion in 1983 while incarcerated, but it would be years before she came to Project HOME to commence her long journey out of homelessness and addiction.

During her time as a Project HOME resident, Zarah received her high school diploma. At that time, she decided she could use her experience to help others.

She began training as a Certified Peer Specialist, a program where mental health consumers learn skills to support other consumers in their recovery and wellness. Upon completing the program, Zarah returned to Project HOME to share her talents and experience with residents at several of our sites. She is part of our staff now, as a Peer Case Aide, which allows her to use her years of hands-on experience in order to enhance the recovery process for Project HOME’s residents.

Using both practical skills and profound empathy, Zarah plays a critical role in the empowerment of many of our residents, promoting recovery and community. Her work also encourages her along her own journey of recovery, and reinforces the success she has already experienced. Yes, Zarah is a living miracle. And she is also helping to make miracles happen in the lives of many other people.

Zarah's story was included in our 25th Anniversary Gala book.