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Another Successful Season at the Hub of Hope

  • Another Successful Season at the Hub of Hope
    Another Successful Season at the Hub of Hope

As we move into summer, we wanted to share with you some exciting outcomes from the Hub of Hope — one of our winter initiatives this frigid winter.  The detailed report can be accessed here.

  • 6500+ visits to the Hub from 1000+ unique individuals
  • 536 individuals sat down with a case manager; 258 of which had histories of long-term homelessness or other vulnerability indicators
  • 124 individuals who sat with case managers were on the Large List a priority list of pre-identified individuals with long street histories who are targeted for services. The Large List is compiled of a number of smaller priority lists from which the Hub had representation of 34 individuals from the Small List, 12 from the SEPTA List, 63 from the City’s “562” List, and 13 from the City’s “133” List
  • 330 medical visits from 178 unique individuals
  • 286 essential medical assessments and forms completed for housing, services, and benefits
  • 263 individuals placed into shelter, treatment, and other housing options around the City (151 of these individuals deemed long-term homeless/fragile)
  • 359 total placements made -- 263 initial placements and 96 follow-up placements (232 total placements of long-term homeless/fragile individuals – 151 initial and 81 follow up placements)

Thank you to each and every one of you for the very important role you played to help get people access to housing, services, and care this winter.  Each winter the Hub of Hope in partnership with you has been able to serve more and more individuals thanks to your dedication, commitment, and creativity.  It is with gratitude that we reflect on a winter full of dignity, community, and transformation.

A special thanks to the people who made the Hub run this winter:

  • Carmena Green | Morning Case Manager
  • Carol Thomas | Director of Homeless Services
  • Dixie Scruggs | Outreach MVC Intern and Data Genius
  • Gary Gaston | Evening Concourse Outreach Worker
  • Gwen Young-El | Morning Case Aide
  • Kanika Stewart | Evening Case Manager
  • Karen Orrick | Hub of Hope Coordinator
  • Lark Allen | Health Services Coordinator
  • Lucy Kibe | Director of Clinical Services
  • Michael Schwemmer | SREHUP Support Staff
  • Muhammad Abdussabr | SREHUP Support Staff
  • Myles Daniels | Evening Concourse Outreach Worker
  • Nathan Luce | Custodian
  • Nifeesia Harris | Morning Concourse Outreach Worker
  • Robin Johnson | Morning Concourse Outreach Worker
  • Rose Williams | Evening Case Aide

In addition to direct staff and supervisors listed above the Hub of Hope was fueled by an array of interns, volunteers, clinicians, donors, and partnerships.  A special thank you to Project HOME Outreach, the Outreach Coordination Center, Outreach teams from Self, MHA, Horizon House, and Hall Mercer, SREHUP, SEPTA, Women of Change, St. Columba’s, the Wellness Center, Development, and St. Elizabeth’s Recovery Residence.