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Stop the Cuts and Focus on Budget Solutions

  • Project HOME Advocates went to Harrisburg earlier the month because "Home Matters" to all Pennsylvanians. Join us in sending a message!
Send an email today to your PA Elected Officials!
In this challenging budget year, please join us in sending a clear message to our elected officials in Harrisburg: we need to reinvest in housing, schools, health care, and human services. Quality services save costs over the long term, create jobs, and attract families, visitors, and businesses to Pennsylvania.  Encourage your elected officials to raise needed revenue, fund the PA Housing Trust Fund, and expand Medicaid.
  • Expand the State Housing Trust Fund.  So far, these resources are provided only in oil-producing counties with funds from impact fees --  SB 1380 would provide money for all counties.  The Housing Trust Fund has already demonstrated a ten-to-one leverage. Investing $25 million a year in the Trust Fund could have a huge impact across the state.
  • Expand Medicaid.  We are losing $10 million a day in federal funding by not taking Medicaid expansion and providing healthcare for a half million Pennsylvanians who make too little to afford health care insurance but too much to qualify for Medicaid. Expanding Medicaid will create about 40,000 new, good, taxpaying jobs.