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Stoneleigh Foundation Emerging Leader Fellowship


Project HOME is excited to announce that we are accepting applications for a potential Stoneleigh Foundation Emerging Leader Fellow. The mission of the Stoneleigh Foundation is to improve the life outcomes of vulnerable children and youth who are involved in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems, or are at risk of involvement in those systems, as well as youth impacted by violence. 

This mission is accomplished through fellowship awards, like the Emerging Leader Fellowship, which has the goal of identifying the next generation of social change leaders. The Emerging Leader Fellowship offers exceptional recent graduates who are interested in pursuing a career in social policy and public service an opportunity to work for one year at a Philadelphia non-profit organization.

Project HOME’s proposed project for the Emerging Leader Fellowship is entitled: Identifying System Gaps Contributing to Youth Homelessness, and a full description can be found here.   

Individual applications should be submitted to in the following form on or before December 1, 2014.

After we have identified and interviewed interested applicants, one candidate will be chosen to submit a joint application with Project HOME to the Stoneleigh Foundation. Final decisions will be made in the spring by the Stoneleigh Foundation, and the one-year fellowship term begins on July 1, 2015. For more detailed information, we encourage you to go on the Stoneleigh Foundation website.