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What an Election Day!

Inspiring video of a Vote for Homes volunteer protecting voting rights on 11/4/2014.

Election Day was buzzing with activity at Project HOME's main headquarters at 1515 Fairmount Avenue.
As people rushed in and out to pick-up voters in Philadelphia shelters and affordable housing progreams, Kenneth Mosley, a Project HOME Advocacy Committee member and volunteer, was overheard in the hallway as he was leaving for a final run to pick up a voter, “they believe in me more than I believe in myself.”
On that run, Kenny met a voter who was having a disagreement with a pollworker about her right to vote. Using his Vote for Homes training, he was able to help the voter stand up to the pollworkers and find her correct polling site. Check out the video above of volunteer Kenny sharing his Election Day voting rights protection success.
As Kenny reflected on his Election Day experience, "I liked helping people help themselves. A lot of people do not know their rights, the laws and how to advocate for themselves." He hope to volunteer again to help mobilize voters in the upcoming Mayoral Primary in Spring 2015.
Kenny joined sixty Vote for Homes volunteers and staff who worked from 7:00am to 8:00pm on November 4 to continue their outreach to voters by answering questions on the phone and driving 44 people to their polling locations. 
Since September, staff, interns, and volunteers reached out to over 8,600 people about this election. Vote for Homes volunteers and partners made calls, filled out 313 pledge to vote cards, sent emails, and went out into the field to remind voters about the election and to encourage them to make their votes count. This year Vote for Homes registered 614 voters including first-time voters and people who have moved, answered hundreds of questions about where voters' polling locations were and what they could expect on election day, and scheduled rides to help people get to the polls. 
Now the real work begins as Vote for Homes reaches out to candidates turned elected officials to respond to the issues of affordable housing, living wage jobs, and quality services.  You can read what both candidates for Pennsylvania Governor had to say in the Vote for Homes Voters Guide.
Thanks to all our volunteers who made sure that our community's voice was heard this, and every, election!