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I am Project HOME | Scarlett McCahill

  • I am Project HOME | Scarlett McCahill

When Project HOME decided to launch a new Social Enterprise program, it was clear that it would require a special jolt of energy. Scarlett McCahill was the person for the job.

You don’t have to spend much time with Scarlett before you feel her energy and her infectious enthusiasm. She is passionately committed to the mission of the program – and that passion comes out in countless ways, whether it’s long drives to pick up wax for candle workshops, supervision meetings with staff, or working one-on-one with residents to encourage them as they ply new-found skills.

In only a few years with Project HOME, Scarlett has contributed to several of our programs. Starting as a volunteer literacy tutor at our Ray Homes residence in 2012, she joined staff originally doing voter mobilization with our Advocacy and Public Policy department. During the winter of 2013, she helped out at our Hub of Hope drop-in center, coordinating medical services. When that year’s Hub closed, Scarlett was tapped to start up our new Social Enterprise program.

“It’s an adventure,” she says of her work with Social Enterprise. Scarlett dives into the adventure with amazing enthusiasm. As manager of the program, she supports the five small businesses, which ranges from the business end of working to maximize sales to the personnel end of supporting residents as they participate in the program. Her fellow staff members admire her ability to manage the countless minute details of the new and multi-faceted program, while at the same time extending tremendous grace, patience, and understanding to both residents and co-workers.

While she understands the practical goals of the program, Scarlett also sees the Social Enterprise program as a “learning and growing environment.” She feels a particular strength she brings to that environment is knowing how to gently push people – both residents and staff – out of their comfort zone, challenging them to reach and to grow.

She especially loves when she sees that growth happen. “It’s exciting to see self-discovery happen in our program – when people realize they have capacities and skills in themselves that they never knew about or haven’t seen in a long, long time.”

Scarlett deeply believes that Project HOME can’t be satisfied with merely doing a good job. “The services we provide need to be truly great. Sometimes we hit that mark, and sometimes we fall short. But to me, always striving toward what’s great is important. That’s the benchmark I hold for myself and for everyone in the Project HOME community.”