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[NEWS] Ubiñas: Counting the city's homeless

  • [NEWS] Ubiñas: Counting the city's homeless

From the Philadelphia Daily News

THE MEN with the bad legs - the one in the rickety wheelchair and the one with the cane that looks as if it might snap under his weight - are the first to be counted.

Dewey Flynn, with the cane, doesn't mind the well-intentioned volunteer canvassers counting him as one of the city's homeless. He thanks them for the toiletries and the gift card for free pizza at Rosa's, the pizza joint at 11th and Chestnut that's gotten a lot of buzz for feeding the homeless.

But Flynn issues a stern warning from the red metal bench where he sits in his socks near the 18th Street entrance of Suburban Station, his work boots placed neatly in front of him.

"I'm not going to no shelter. No discussion," says Flynn, who turns 60 next month. "You want to discuss something, talk to me about going to some senior-citizen apartments. Don't come at me about a shelter or I'll be ready to throw hand grenades at ya."