[NEWS] Ubiñas: Hub of Hope is homeless | Project HOME

[NEWS] Ubiñas: Hub of Hope is homeless


From the Philadelphia Daily News

BY NOW, the Hub of Hope, Project HOME's seasonal social-service center for the homeless in Suburban Station, should be buzzing with men and women wanting to see a case worker or a doctor or just get a short reprieve from the cold with a tepid cup of coffee or a pair of socks.

But in a cruel irony, the Hub of Hope is homeless.

In November, the landlord who had donated the space for the past three winters sent word that he would no longer be able to "due to complaints from tenants and brokers."

What the complaints were, no one knows for sure. And my calls to representatives of 2 Penn Center, which includes the Suburban Station concourse, went unanswered.

But I did receive an emailed statement from Paul Levy, president and CEO of the Center City District.

"The Center City District reached out to the building managers' association [BOMA] and other property managers to make them aware of Hub of Hope's interest in securing space in the concourse. But it is a property owner's decision as to whether or not they want to enter into a lease with any party, market or nonprofit."