[NEWS] Volunteers to count Philly homeless | Project HOME

[NEWS] Volunteers to count Philly homeless


From the Philly Voice

A group of volunteers will canvass Philadelphia on Wednesday night to count the city’s homeless population in order to gauge the city's progress in fighting homelessness.

The count, which is also required for some grant applications, occurs at night and will include about 300 volunteers coordinated by Project HOME, which is a group aimed at fighting homelessness. The census is one of several scheduled in the region and is formally called a point-in-time count. A similar count will take place across New Jersey on the evening of Jan. 27.

“Our hope is to use the findings from this count to increase housing and treatment resources for homeless men and women who are today living on our streets so that they might tomorrow live in homes with appropriate support,” said Sister Mary Scullion, executive director of Project HOME, in a statement.