[NEWS] Advocates for homeless prepare for papal visit | Project HOME

[NEWS] Advocates for homeless prepare for papal visit


From the Philadelphia Inquirer

For two days in September, Pope Francis will take center stage on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

On regular days, however, the Parkway is where from 75 to 125 homeless people live. And for many others who are destitute, it is where they receive free daily meals.

What will happen to those people when the pope's historic visit attracts an estimated 1.5 million visitors to the city and a security clampdown akin to that required for the Super Bowl?

A committee created by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput in October has been meeting regularly to address how the pope's visit will affect the homeless.

"Right now, the archbishop wants to make sure that the rights of people that are homeless and their needs are given a priority," Sister Mary Scullion, president and executive director of the anti-homelessness nonprofit Project HOME, said Wednesday.