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Amber's Race to an Impressive Personal Victory

On Sunday, July 19th, Amber Sagar, a Project HOME resident at 1515 Fairmount Ave., celebrated her birthday with a fine showing in the 28th Annual Tour de Shore Philadelphia to Atlantic City bicycle race. 

The odyssey began when Amber expressed her desire to participate in this race to Alexis Pugh.  Contact from Employment Services to Temple University was made.  Police Captain, Eileen Bradley, arranged a sponsorship through Temple Police Chief, Charles Leone. Amber happily joined the Temple Team and proudly wore their colors. 

She began her practice regimen 3 months before the race and was pleased to tell us when she reached the 25 mile mark. When Temple suggested providing her a bike worthy of this challenge, she said she was happy with her own but conceded to use the racing bike they provided. 

On race day, Amber surpassed all expectations through sheer grit and determination.  The temperatures soared to a 105 heat index and she pushed on.  There were thousands of other bikers competing and she pushed on. She persevered to finish this 65 mile race in 4 hours and 36 minutes.  She was greeted at the finish line by Alexis, her mother and many of her Temple team mates who cheered her on throughout the race.  This gargantuan achievement deserves our recognition and praise.

Congratulations, Amber!