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Generations Blessed at the Grotto

  • The Grotto on the Parkway.
    The Grotto on the Parkway.
  • Some of the knots on the parkway
    Some of the knots on the parkway
One volunteer at the Grotto talks about the gift of doing it with her high-school grandsons.

I volunteered at the grotto Mary, Undoer of Knots project at the Cathedral grotto with my two grandsons, Liam (16) and Luke (15), both students at Roman Catholic High School. Our work together was a shared blessed experience. We met many inspired people, both those volunteering and those visiting the grotto to add their prayers to the thousands already rendered. We threaded and knotted the strips containing the needs of supplicants received over the internet

It was a wonderful experience for me--made so much more by the effects it had on my grandsons. They read every strip and were humbled by the needs of so many people and the scope of all those needs flying in the air and festooning the walls . Many of our children grow up in circumstances extremely different from the poor and the under-served. This was an experience to broaden their understanding of those in need. It is one I hope and pray will remain with them and shape their lives as they mature.

Visit the Grotto. The Grotto of Mary Undoer of Knots is next to the Cathedral at 1723 Race. The best time to come at dusk, when it is lit and there are projections on the dome of the cathedral. The Grotto is staffed from 10 am to 9 pm but you may come at any time. To volunteer at the grotto, please contact Mary Anne Anderson at 215-232-7272 x3092.

Mary Anne O’Donnell works in Project HOME’s employment services.