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[NEWS] Francis' message of hope a call to action


From Sister Mary and Anne Healy Ayella, via the Philadelphia Inquirer

In these final days leading up to the papal visit, expectations are high. Religious leaders are praying for a deep renewal among the faithful. Civic leaders are hopeful that our city will gleam in the world spotlight. Business leaders are anticipating a massive economic boost from the million-plus visitors.

Many of us who have been involved in issues of homelessness, hunger, and poverty are especially hopeful:

Pope Francis has been a powerful voice of mercy and justice. One of the most inspiring and compelling aspects of this global religious figure — who has attracted millions, beyond the Catholic community and even those who are not religious — has been his personal acts of compassion and his persistent challenge to reach out to those who suffer and to build a society that includes all persons. His planned visit to a local prison and his talk on immigration during his Philadelphia visit will highlight his special concern for those who are outcast and on the margins.