2nd Annual Veterans Day Celebration | Project HOME

2nd Annual Veterans Day Celebration


Project HOME’s Employment Services celebrated Veterans Day with our 2nd annual gathering of graduates and our current class of veteran apprentices engaged in the PECO/ Project HOME Veteran Training Program. Attendees were from the 2009 class up to and including the current class.

There is a special bond which forms between veterans who have served their country and that is evident in these gatherings notwithstanding the small, friendly rivalries between the different branches of service.

It is a heart-warming experience to witness the reunion of classmates and the ease with which members of the different classes integrate. Their sense of brother and sisterhood is evident as is their sense of wanting to help others by giving back for what they received.

Alexis Pugh gave a talk on the ongoing accessibility of her Employment Services team to work with our veteran alums.

Andre Hargrave, Class of 2014-2015, gave an inspiring talk on his job search experience. He spoke of being the last one of his classmates to become employed. He recounted the patience and trust it took to continue his job search and to come back for re-direction from Employment Services. He is currently employed as a Porter at the Franklin Institute and is thoroughly enjoying his work.

Thomas Morris, of the Class of 2016, spoke of his gratitude for inclusion in the apprenticeship and for what he is learning. He also spoke on how much he is enjoying his apprenticeship at Manna. His supervisor at Manna was in attendance and made it a point to meet with to get to know him better.

Representatives of several other employers including AmeriHealth Caritas and Team Clean were present and anxious to speak with apprentices who may wish to build a career working for them.