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Pray for Our City

What happens when young people write a song about justice, peace, and changing the outcome of this world? Share this widely....

When the young people of Inner Power, our music program at the Honickman Learning Center and Comcast Technology Labs (HLCCT) put their collective, amazing talents together, you get something powerful.

"Pray for Our City" is a song, an outcry, and a passion the artists hope will spark real change. "Pray for Our City" is what happens when you ask a group of students with wide-ranging talents to write a song about justice, peace, unity, and changing the outcome of the world that we live in.

The musical portion of the song came together after a quick but powerful brainstorming session on song topics.  It includes three amazing verses, each from different perspectives, written by Alena Allen, Tyran Furman, and Taahir Moore.  The most powerful verse was written by Alena Allen, who wrote about a close, longtime friend who was recently killed. Most of the students involved in creating this song knew this person.  This tragic event happened during the production of the song, and Alena, who was in the process of recording her vocals, completely re-wrote her verse as a sort of dedication. After recording it, the song took on a whole new light and purpose for each of the students. “Pray for our City” was written, produced and performed by: Ijanae Anderson, Hayah Ferguson, Bashir Ballard, Lamark Beckett, Alena Allen, Tyran Furman, Taahir Moore, Dominique Jones, and Alex Franklin.

If you care about making a change in your community, wherever you are, please share with the hashtag--#PrayForOurCity--as a way to push this movement along.