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Grateful Love

Valentine's Day at Project HOME

Valentine’s Day means something different to each of us. Here at Project HOME, we focus on the grateful love within our community shared within our organization. We celebrate Valentine’s Day by demonstrating appreciation for the people who have woven their way into our lives and taking moments to reflect with gratitude. In Social Enterprise, Valentine’s Day boils down to the friendships and care for others that has grown from relationships between residents, volunteers, and staff working together.

Last week, a group of residents involved in Social Enterprise art groups and staff roles hosted a baby shower for a staff member: the celebrated mother-to-be walked into the 1515 Backspace community room to eager, happy faces all there to give blessings to her soon-to-arrive son. Residents hung streamers, blew up balloons, prepared food and beverages, purchased gifts, and showed how excited they are to be a part of this child’s life. The afternoon was filled with chatter, laughter and cake: the bonds of co-workers’ community strengthening. At the end of the celebration, guests walked away with spirits high and stomachs full.

Project HOME’s supportive housing residences bring people from many walks of life together into new relationships.  Workforce development activities in Social Enterprises (including HOME Page Café, HOME Spun Boutique, HOME Made Gifts, HOME Shop Online) offer a wonderful medley of ways employees and residents interact. Residents participating in workshop or the art program are regular faces in the Backspace and Social Enterprise office. The monthly Potlatch provides a night for residents and staff to mingle, eat, and enjoy live music and entertainment. Community is the platform Project HOME rests on and continues to be a reason why events such as these build friendships.


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