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Scoring Points By Mentoring Teens

  • Our teens and their mentors enjoy first-class treatment at a 76ers game.
The mentors form important relationships with our students to motivate their work and validate their efforts.

On February 23, a group of students from Project HOME’s College Access Program attended a Philadelphia 76ers game with their business mentors from The Harold A Honickman Entrepreneur Program at the Honickman Learning Center and Comcast Technology Labs. This program provides high school students the opportunity to research and develop their own products and/or business proposals. As a way to evaluate the process and build relationships, students present twice a year to their group of mentors.

Our mentors provide a platform for our students to present their ideas and receive valuable feedback with real life business perspective. Furthermore, this group of mentors is forming important relationships with our students in offering to provide whatever necessary to motivate their work and validate their efforts.

The students were treated to a first-class experience at The Wells Fargo Center. The mentors accompanied us to the game and provided 15 tickets for us all to sit in club suite right at half court. Each ticket had money loaded onto it so our students could enjoy whatever refreshments they desired, or shop at the team store. At halftime, a 76ers representative visited us in the suite with a bag of t-shirts for everyone in the group. And finally, when the game concluded, the entire party was taken down on the court for a chance to pose for pictures and take in a perspective others seldom have the opportunity. 

We extend sincere gratitude to Brad Korman, Brad Krouse, Rob Grossman, and Phil Plotnick for providing this very memorable experience. As one of our students remarked on the subway ride home, “When is the next time we are going to hang out with the guys?" So, we are also thankful for the time invested by our mentors and their willingness to join us for the evening.