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Pedal Power

Promoting the health of our community and our planet

The Project HOME Community is committed to the health of all our community members -- and the health of the planet.  So we are excited to announce a new Indego bike share location at our Stephen Klein Wellness Center.  On April 28 the site became fully operational along 22nd Street. If you are not familiar with Indego, it is Philadelphia’s bike share program where bicycles are available on a first-come, first-served basis at stations around the city. To check out a bike, you can purchase a bike pass or simply purchase a one-time trip at the station’s kiosk. The bikes can be returned at any Indego station and if you are worried about not being able to find a bike, or a spot to return it, use Indego’s app or online map which provides real-time information about bike and doc availability. Passes are available at $5 per month for PA Access card holders, $15 per month otherwise, or on a pay per trip basis for $4 for 30 minutes.

With the warm weather slowly approaching, we hope that everyone takes advantage of this cost and energy efficient way to travel about the city. If you are looking for further information on prices or site locations please visit Indego's website