A Rabble Rouser and a Path Paver | Project HOME

A Rabble Rouser and a Path Paver

We are very excited to announce that Project HOME artist James Webster will have two of his pieces on display as part of an exhibit at PhilaMOCA, an alternative art space at 12th and Spring Garden Streets.   The show is titled “ ’Merica,” and will open with a reception this Friday, July 1.  The exhibit will hang through the end of the Democratic National Convention (July 28).

James has been living at our Kate’s Place residence in Center City for many years, and has been a core figure in our arts program.  As our Arts program director Rachel Ehrgood says, “James is a phenomenal asset to Project HOME's community both as an artist and an instructor. He is a rabble rouser and a path paver. He stirs up passion and prejudices of that witness his creations.”


James Webster’s Artist Statement:

Sometimes in America people are scared and would rather ignore real issues such as global warming, war, peace, the poor, the homeless, activist and just plain truth. Sometimes art can show truth, be it through movies music or visual art. For instance, I try to show how some corporations or politicians use racism to sell their products or message, but when I highlight these observations in art, it is seen as offensive. None the less it is okay for corporations to continue to perpetuate offensive stereotypes because they are rich and powerful! I don’t have what they have, I just have my brains so I use it to express what I see through art. There have always been attacks on artists, yet artists keep creating because that is all the really have that is theirs. I create to show certain obvious truths that are not really acknowledged by people who would rather not view societal oppression. The work is only offensive if you don’t want to acknowledge what is happening in the world or throughout history. War is sold in a lot of different ways, democratic, patriotic, economic, right, wrong, good guys, bad guys etcetera. We pay for society’s ills in obliviousness, taxes, blood and death. When you open your eyes you should also open your mind. My work is not racist in any manner. The truth is truth and sometimes it is ugly and scary. By the way I am colored, er black, I mean African American so BOO!