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Best Foot Forward

  • Kristal Campbell from the Stephen Klein Wellness Center hoists her "Best Foot Forward" award.
A new initiative honors hard working employees of the Stephen Klein Wellness Center

Kristal Campbell, the front desk receptionist at our Stephen Klein Wellness Center, is a busy woman.  She handles the countless visitors and manages much of the happenings in the bustling lobby.  As the Center has gotten busier in recent months (in part due to expanded services), and with some staff shortages, Kristal has ramped up her efforts in dealing with the work load and responsibilities.  She has done so admirably, holding things together at the front desk through thick and thin.  And she does it with a great sense of humor and an unflagging commitment to the mission of the Center.

So it was fitting that Kristal received the Center’s first-ever “Best Foot Forward" Award.  This new initiative honors the great work and commitment of the staff of the Center, by regularly honoring an employee who works hard, is a great team player, keeps a positive attitude, and – yes, always puts her or his best foot forward.

The Award is the brainchild of Monica McCurdy, Project HOME’s Vice President of Health Services, who directs the Stephen Klein Wellness Center.  The inspiration came from one of more bizarre donations that has come to the Center:  a prosthetic leg, for which the staff could find no other use – until Monica came up with the brilliant idea of the Best Foot Forward Award!

Kristal was quite excited and emotional when she was presented with the award. She will keep it for some time, and then it will be passed on to the next deserving staff member.