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The Road Ahead

  • Project HOME residents at the polls on Election Day.
"We must work together to allay the anxieties and fears of so many of our sisters and brothers, and to heal the social wounds that keep us from knowing how much we truly need each other."


This past Election Day, staff, residents, and volunteers from Project HOME put in long hours as part of the Vote For Homes voter mobilization. Their hard work and tireless effort empowered numerous low-income, homeless, and formerly homeless Philadelphians to get to the polls and enact their democratic right and responsibility of voting – in fact, Philadelphia had the highest electoral turnout in years, and we are all proud to be part of that. We were especially moved by one older man from a recovery residence who, despite fragile health, made it to the polls with the aid of volunteers. Emerging from the polling site, he said, “Now I feel human!”

We all know this was a long and draining election season, as many diverse voices sought to articulate a vision of the kind of society we can be. We know also that the past year has been marked by deep and sometimes bitter divisions in our society. We realize that countless people in our society feel deep anxieties about their future, and many struggle for economic stability and a secure place in our community.

The election is behind us, and however we feel about the outcome, now we must look ahead. We recognize that, with new national leadership, we will face many challenges and opportunities in the months and years to come. We will continue our advocacy efforts, at all levels of government, to push for policies and resources that will expand genuine affordable housing economic opportunity, make possible quality education for all our children, and ensure access to health care for all citizens. We hope we can find ways, working together, to allay the anxieties and fears of so many of our sisters and brothers, and to heal the social wounds that keep us from knowing how much we truly need each other.

Most importantly, we will deepen our commitment to a vision of a just and compassionate society, where the dignity, beauty, and gifts of each person are allowed to flourish. More than ever, we will draw strength from the amazing and diverse people from all walks of life who make up the Project HOME community.

Thank you for being part of this community. Thanks for your passionate commitment to this mission. Let us strengthen each other as we continue on the journey home.


Now is an important time to tell Congress about the issues you want them to prioritize now and in the coming Trump Administration.

Project HOME remains committed to our core issues:

Opportunities for employment
Medical care - especially protecting health care through the Affordable Care Act

We call for our elected officials to work with us on these and other related issues to further the mission of ending homelessness.What other issues to do you care about?

Send an email NOW to your Senators and Congressional Representative. There's a sample below, but you are welcome to customize the message. THANKS for taking action!