[NEWS] Remembering those lost in Philadelphia’s homeless community | Project HOME

[NEWS] Remembering those lost in Philadelphia’s homeless community


From Generocity

Moving into a transitional housing unit was a difficult step for Kevin Boyle. He disliked the restrictions of the living arrangement, but, determined to not end up back on the street, rose each day committed to working toward a better future.

“You always have an opportunity to live two lives in one lifetime,” he used to say.

Kevin died of a drug overdose four months later, but his legacy and resolve live on. And on Wednesday night, over a hundred people gathered at Thomas Paine Plaza to honor Kevin and the nearly 200 other Philadelphians from the homeless community who passed away in 2016.

“Many of the people we honor tonight died in inhumane conditions, while others had recently made significant progress,” said Project HOME founder Sr. Mary Scullion. “We recognize that everyone has a unique story. However, homelessness is more than an individual problem.”