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Embrace the Change

  • Izzy Fletcher shares her story with staff and residents at a Project HOME Inspirational Meeting.
"I am a survivor constantly working on my broken wings."

Elizabeth “Izzy” Fletcher lives at our Ray Homes residence and volunteers as a resident leader in many areas of our mission.  She recently shared some of her story at a Tuesday morning Inspirational Meeting with fellow members of the Project HOME community.


When I first came to Project HOME, I was broken: molested at a young age and an adult; lost my children to DHS; and chronically homeless since 12 years old.

I am a survivor constantly working on my broken wings.

Thanks to Project HOME, I can afford to keep a roof over my head, pay my rent and utilities, and have a place that I can call home.  I have support on hand, and my fight for my four youngest children is even stronger.

I have a part-time job through Project HOME’s Social Enterprise Program, working at the Free Library on 19th and Vines Streets.  This helps me fuel my business, Seven Families Continental, Inc., and also my nonprofit, Helping Families With/Without Families.

Also I facilitate a self-awareness group at the Women of Change safe haven for the residents there.

I have come to realize that the past doesn’t hold us – it’s the future that does.

Words I live by:  “Do unto others what you want done to you.”

Changes are going to come.  I’m here to tell you it’s OK to embrace the change.

I will continue to work with Project HOME on making a better me.  Remember, “None of us are home until all of us are home.”