[NEWS] SEPTA bringing back 'Hub of Hope' for homeless | Project HOME

[NEWS] SEPTA bringing back 'Hub of Hope' for homeless


From the Metro:

In winter of 2015, advocates for the homeless from Project HOME had to fight to keep open the "Hub of Hope," a one-stop services center in Suburban Station located inside a tiny storefront space and owned by a private landlord.

But now a newer, permanent Hub of Hope is in the pipeline, set to open in January 2018. And this Hub will look a little different.

"We’re going into something that is almost 75 times bigger, an 11,000 square-foot facility," said SEPTA assistant general manager Fran Kelley. "We want people to be treated with dignity and respect."

You'd think SEPTA might be busy enough running the region's transit. But the subterranean concourse of SEPTA Suburban Station in Center City is a destination for homeless citizens escaping the winter cold. So, they decided to do something about it.