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Enroll in Healthcare By December 15

Open Enrollment is Happening NOW! Find Out How Much You Can Save!

Millions of Americans count on HealthCare.gov for quality, affordable health care. If you or someone you know purchases healthcare through the ACA, it's time to buy your new plans! Open enrollment is the time each year when individuals can purchase insurance through state or federal exchanges. This year, the Trump Administration announced a shorter period to buy insurance through the Marketplace. Insurance can be purchased on exchanges from November 1 until December 15.

Even though some ACA subsidies may be on the way out, people can still get financial assistance with their monthly premiums. Last year, 8 in 10 people who got their healthcare through HealthCare.gov qualified for financial help. 

Remember, the enrollment period is shorter this year, so you must sign up by December 15. This is your only chance to get coverage through the ACA for 2018. Also, plan ahead for enrollment.

If you need help signing up for healthcare, here are a few resources: